Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blips on the glossy pages..

 (A few of my mags..)

There’s no hiding the fact that I have a fair collection of fashion magazines. I actually have a pretty big, forever expanding pile of them on my desk as I type. You could argue that magazines are getting a little outdated nowadays, taken over by internet sites…but I still like turning the glossy pages of a magazine packed with fashion and news! But I was intrigued to come across a new app that could change our magazines forever…
 Smartphones are now the way forward. They’re a fact of life, a ritual, a ‘must-have’ (well, in my world anyway.) I personally can’t even remember my lifestyle or daily routine before I came into possession of my iphone. It is therefore a godsend that I could link my fashion-crazed, magazine hoarding persona and direct it straight to my iphone, with thanks to this new app – Blippar. It was while I was reading a style section (in a recent addition to my fashion magazine collection-oops), that I came across this new app. Blippar is an amazing app that lets you take a snap of an item and buy it directly from your smartphone! The concept may be simple but for ‘fashionaholics’ it saves the time taken endlessly browsing through the retailer’s sites to find the desired object! So far only a select handful  of magazines have actually featured the new app that enables quick shopping, but without a doubt people will be seeing some more Blips on the glossy pages!
To download Blippar go to your App Store! (also available on Android)

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