Thursday, 10 January 2013

‘Chocker bloc’

Shoes. Shoes and more shoes! Erm – did I mention shoes? Before you think I have gone insane and started to repeat myself, I haven’t I’m just attempting to give you what literature calls a short ‘blurb’ about what this article’s about – SHOES! We love them, right? I am a ‘shoeaholic’ in some ways – I may not have a supersized collection but I do have a fair few. All different too – some are trainers (or ‘sneakers’ for you American readers –love it!), some are pumps, some are ankle boots and some are heels (ranging in heel size.). But one thing that my wardrobe seems to be seriously lacking is a pair of sculpted wedge heeled shoes.
 The first time I saw one of these beauties I had a ‘pinch me’ moment, (fortunately for me there was no one around to pinch me unnecessarily) and an extreme desire to snap a pair up for myself. It was in a magazine the first time I set eyes upon them in a magazine for Chockers shoes. Immediately I whipped my phone out and searched the web. I came across beauties. Every page I turned there seemed to be an even more fabulous pair than the last. But, after a bit of a shopping spree sadly my money didn’t stretch this time to buy a pair for myself. I confess, I still haven’t managed to get round to buying a pair but nevertheless I have been admiring them ever since we met!
  After a blow up of the sales of sculpted wedge heeled shoes and designers adapting their new collections to sport the new creation, it struck me that these revelation style heels are in fact not so new at all. I’m talking 400 years of not being new. Feast your eyes on a 1600 fashion shoe.

A venetian chopine overshoe.

  This shoe has in fact got the exact same detail that I love about Chockers and many other brands, the sculpted wedge heel. Look at the height, the purposeful angle of the heel and the extreme platform! This shoe might be 400 years of age but what has changed? Ok, so the front of the heel differs being inwardly angled and we wouldn’t quite wear a plimsoll-style shoe to pair the heel with but update it a few hundred years and you have our phenomenon – the sculpted wedge heel!
  With limited resources and little development on the ‘fashion’ section of their lives, women certainly knew how to rock high fashion! Thankfully shoes have become more versatile and detailed – with splashes of colour, studded detail, prints varying from animal-retro and textures, our shoes have the edge.
 So, for those of you sitting there smugly reading this whilst wearing your pair of sculpted wedge heels, just remember where they came from!

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