Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Claiming The Tuxedos

Okay, so traditionally women wouldn't be caught dressed in a tuxedo. Tuxedos were strictly for the male audience only but think again, because times are changing, after all this is the 21st Century not the 1800’s. The daring women of our time have taken a claim to the tuxedos and, whether the boys like it or not, we look good. From the likes of Cheryl Cole to Cara Delevinge (which let’s face it, we all want to be) are seen promoting this tuxedo look. For those ‘girly’ girls out there who are frowning and dismissing the idea of the tux in fear of sporting the tomboy style, you may just be surprised how the tuxedo can pull off the height of femininity.

(Top) Cheryl Cole and (Bottom) Cara Delevinge 

However, if you’re not so ambitious on promoting the full tuxedo why not just add a blazer or bow-tie to your look? This way you can give the impression of the trend without going full blown ‘tuxedo! Here the Kardashian’s pull off bow-tie’s and blazers:


Blazers -  where to get the look:


Topshop £65.00                           River Island - £35.00 – going more traditional!

                                                                  Asos.com £105.00
 – pricey this may be but an investment also! With velvet making a comeback this season this velvet blazer will have you right on trend!

 Bow ties – where to get the look:


Asos.com £8.00 – Velvet alert!                                               Asos.com £10.00
 (A definite bonus with this purchase!)

 Fashion tip
Your bow tie doesn't have to be from the high street shops, raid a male wardrobe and steal theirs! If they have a spare bow tie, why not customize it? Add some jewels or sequins to add glamour in an instant and vamp up the boring bow tie!
 Mix in some vintage jewelry to add to the femininity and style to your outfit. Swab the brogues for some heels (killer or not- your decision) to add dimension and an extra splash of grace.

Even these heels are desperately screaming for the tuxedo with these cute bows!
Topshop £68.00

 Like the look? Why not try it yourself! Women once and for all are claiming the tuxedos!


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  1. Cara Delevingne is incredible - i love the masculine silhouette of her tux but how she still manages to look gorgeous and feminine. Sadly, i don't that i'd be able to pull it off! Those topshop shoes are stunning though! The only problem is i would never be able to walk in them, and they'd make me about 6ft 3!
    -Kate, xo


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