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Dressing like a Duchess

Yes, I am talking about The Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.  I don’t know a single person who isn’t vaguely obsessed with the Duchess; she has been stealing the headlines of every magazine, website and social media site. Kate is a hot topic at the moment for several reasons; a) She’s expecting a child, b) Her portrait couldn’t be more unflattering to her actual beautiful face and c) her style is bending the Royal dress code. Although I would love to sit here and ramble on about how excited I am about the future baby she’s carrying and how the first ever portrait has caused much speculation in the media, on this particular occasion I shall resist for this is ‘I Blog The Fashion.’
 The Royal family has been setting the trends and making a mark in fashion ever since the hierarchy system was created. Take Elizabeth I for example, her fashion sense portrayed her sense of power and control and set trends amongst her people of her time and even today in the 21st Century! And of course, Princess Diana was amongst the influential Royals! Now it's Kate’s turn, a trend setter and fashion icon, Kate Middleton has won awards such as 100 most influential people’ and has been branded by her style. And so, it seemed like a no-brainer that I tracked Kate’s style and shared it with all you lovely people reading this blog!

2002 – This is the beginning of Kate’s media attention, Prince William and future wife, Kate, met at the University of St Andrews in Scotland in 2001. Kate took part in a fashion show for charity with Prince William watching in the audience. Kate put into practice her passion for fashion whilst helping to raise money at the fashion show…

2003 – The pair started dating, so naturally the media attacked Kate with the cameras…

Kate and Will attend a rugby event – Looking like ‘the girl next door’, Kate wears a ‘casual’ date outfit sporting jeans and a jacket. Certainly practical and semi-stylish nevertheless!

2004 – With even more pictures to show after Kate and Wills are publicly going out together, Kate’s style continues to develop…

Kate looks happier than ever in her slick and smart outfit. With a cheeky pose with her hand on her hip and jacket slung over her shoulder, Kate embraces the outfit. Simple but fashionable, her gorgeous knee-high brown boots and her mini-skirt complement each other nicely. Kate accessorizes with her addition of the bulky belt, drawing attention to her slim figure, and her simple watch.
Kate looks more elegant than ever with her summer-esque dress paired with flats and simple accessories. Kate masters the look with the addition of shopping bags! Can we have a sneaky-peek of what’s inside?

2005 – Kate’s wardrobe in 2005? Still looking good obviously..
A pattern has began to develop – the future Duchess prefers simplicity when it comes to her accessories – the addition of a few simple rings, a necklace and some studs is enough to complete Kate’s outfit. Kate adds a smart tweed coat to add some colour and pattern to her classic white shirt.
Kate’s on-the-go look is sporty and simple gear, she’s being eco-friendly and is keeping fit! (Plus there’s not an inch of sweat on Kate.. obviously we’re all jealous here, right?)

2006 – Kate has pointy-toes in the year of ’06…
 Kate goes ultra feminine in another dress (we can see that cheeky bit of champagne there, Kate!), dresses practical in her pointed-toe flats and pairs the dress with a smart blazer and silver accessories!
Kate goes practical once more with flat, pointed shoes! Nothing too extravagant here fashion-wise in 2006.
Kate looks amazing in her winter gear! The hat, scarf and gloves are the essence of Winter, Kate still keeps it smart with the simple colour scheme and slick coat.

2007 – Kate goes super casual in ’07…
 Dressed in jeans and slip-on shoes, Kate has taken the comfort factor literally, still looking great though…This girl can wear anything and still find a way to pull it off..

2008 – A year of style contrast…  

Erm… Interesting? Kate enhances her inner disco-girl with the outfit! Roller-skating couldn’t look more fun! With good spirits of a charitable event here, The Duchess certainly isn’t afraid to stand out when it comes to fashion!
Kate has given her dresses a mega update with this number – she ditches the floral patterns and calf-length dresses for this sophisticated dress… Accessorizing effortlessly with a clutch bag, Kate masters glamour.
The Duchess wears another floor length gown, this time adding a splash of colour! Her addition of clutch gives the outfit edge and practicality!

2009 – Kate swaps her gowns of 2008 and returns to the jeans when on-the-go. The addition of the leather jacket adds instant style to what is essentially an average day-to-day outfit!

2010- Kate is even smarter in 2010!
The smart blazer gives dimension to her dress and her heels (not flats!) complement her outfit without going O.T.T.
And to mark one of Kate’s most memorable outfits it undoubtedly has to be her announcement of her engagement to William! Her dress is elegant and breath taking – the rich blue (matching perfectly with her engagement ring!), and knee-length measure makes the dress smart without over-dressing! Kate has added some black heels which complement the outfit without screaming for too much attention!

2011 – The wedding bells! 2011 changed Kate’s marital status and her fashion status! Kate’s satin, Alexander McQueen number was flawless and beautiful! Marking another fashionable year for Kate..

2012 – Kate has a year of constant glamour…
Kate looks elegant and effortless, (once again), with this blue lace number at the Olympic gala..
Accessorizing with a sophisticated hat, Kate looks fabulous from head-toe…

2013 – Baby alert! After the announcement that William and Kate are expecting their first child we can expect Kate to maintain her style despite the baby bump that will develop!
Some more black heels, clutches and knee-length dresses may be in store for the year of 2013! But there’s one thing for sure..Kate really is a style icon! 

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