Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fashion can change lives.

As in my article ‘Starring the knitted jumper’ I talked about fashion not having to come at a high cost. Well, there is another way we can cheat the system! Charity shops. Increasingly charity shops have become the source of people’s ‘vintage’ items. Charity shop buying is not something that you should be ashamed of, in fact you should be proud. In the process you are donating your money to a worthy cause – whatever charity shop you choose, they are all non-profitable! Some high street stores may be great for ‘cheap’ produce but they are just one of many retailers that use sweatshops. Note - A ‘sweat’shop is not a shop that in the process makes you sweat uncontrollably (that would just be gross), a sweatshop is a factory or a workshop that produces clothing, their workers are exposed to extreme working conditions, long hours and below average pay. So wouldn’t you rather be changing lives than supporting the use of sweatshops? Plus, if you’re ‘eco-friendly’ and are all for saving the planet you could be recycling materials rather than buying new ones!
  One of my favourite films is ‘Wild Child’ starring Emma Roberts (a true classic in my opinion), and one of my favourite moments is when they find ‘hot-to-trot’ outfits in their local charity store!

Although this scene was actually filmed in a real vintage store, if you’re lucky and know where to look you too can find some vintage items and usually at a much lower price than average high street shops!

Tips on how to find vintage items in your local charity shop:
  1. Go near Christmas time!  Charity shops will have a vast amount of donations of unwanted gifts after the festivity of Christmas and some of these items will include unwanted clothes. Just because the clothes are unwanted doesn’t mean they’re a disgrace to be seen in but can be purely down to if the item doesn’t fit right!
  2. Don’t give up! It takes patience and time to hunt through clothing racks in charity shops! But if you take the time to look you will usually find a hidden treasure amongst the rest!
  3. Give it a chance! Initially you may not like anything but sometimes vintage stuff is quirky and unusual. Re-scan the racks to see if you could mix up your style a bit with any of the clothes!
  4. Check online! Some major charities like Oxfam have set up their own websites with online donations! Click this link to view their vintage section! (For the UK viewers).

So support your local charity shop and change lives with you donations and purchases, all while being fashionable!

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