Saturday, 5 January 2013

Going Cinderella Style

So, you’ve all seen Cinderella, yes? If not you need to invest in this Disney tale because every girl (or boy) should be aware of this fairy-tale! Cinder’s goes from rags-ball gown (thanks to her fairy godmother- don’t we all wish we had one?) and off she goes in an extravagant horse&carriage to the ball. The reason that I have rambled on about one of Disney’s favourite Princesses is not to bring back nostalgic times of our childhood but to remind you of her ‘glass slippers.’
Like Cinderella, some of our fashion icons are dancing around the streets in the slipper style shoes. They may not be glass but they are defiantly competition to Cinderella’s slippers. 

Below Alexa Chung's Slippers!
Going a bit tropical there Alexa!

Want some slippers for your wardrobe? What about these?

                                                               New Look £17.99

                                                            River Island £30.00

                                                    New Look at £15.99

                                                  Miss Selfridge - NOW £10.00!

If you really want to splash the cash you could try these funky animal styles from Marc Jacobs!
(£229 each!)

     If you’ve read my article on ‘No pain, No gain’ then you’ll know that fashion isn’t always comfortable. But with the recent increase of fashionable flats, you may want to treat yourself to some of these ‘slipper’ style flat shoes! But don’t be careless like Cinders and loose one at the ball – that would be tragic. (Unless of course your prince follows after!)



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