Monday, 7 January 2013

If fashion were a time machine…

I suppose there really is no ‘if’ in the matter, fashion is a time machine in itself. Fashion is, and always has been one step ahead. Fashion catwalk shows will promote designers collections way in advance.Take the S/S 2013 for example, fashion is already into Spring/Summer trends- not to mention the pre-autumn/winter collections of 2013-2014! So fashion does a bit of a ‘Dr Who’ on us and goes in the little telephone box and whizzes into the next few seasons. So somewhere along the line we skipped Winter surely? Nope, didn’t you know that S/S 2012 Winter collection was being worn in the Autumn season? A bit messed up, right? Not according to these celebrities hitting our catwalks with S/S 2013 Spring/Summer collections;

Elle Fanning in Oscar de la Renta collection.
 Rihanna in Alexander Wang collection.
 Amanda Seyfried

These are only a few handpicked examples so you get the gist. No doubt about it these celebrities look uh-maz-ing, my personal favourite is Rihanna’s debut of Alexander Wang’s dress. Obviously these celebrities aren’t dancing around in full of Spring/Summer wear because after all it is still the Winter season and they would be kind of cold.. Celebs like Rihanna want to be trend setters, so they’re ahead of the game.
   So, are any of us ditching the woolies and coats? I hope not! Stay current and change up your style when it is actually the S/S 2013! But, don’t be surprised if you start seeing the Winter season being replaced by Spring/Summer in the high street because they too follow the pattern! Buy it while you can and when you see ‘LAST CHANCE TO BUY’ it really is your last chance so grab it if it will be an investment to your wardrobe's Winter collection!

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