Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mad Hatter

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble but this post isn't dedicated to the comical character of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter. However, just like the Mad Hatter I love a good hat, especially in winter season when the snow is nearing. A good hat will serve its purpose and keep you warm and snug while you’re on your travels.  I will confess, my hat collection isn’t exactly anything elaborate or extravagant (It consists mainly of beanie hats with the exception of a few sun hats for summer), but the hats that I do own are recycled from outfit to outfit! One of my favourite ways, (and most popular) to wear my hat is to cover my hair on a bad hairday! Or if you’re feeling lazy and don’t know how to accessorize, a hat can be the answer to your prayers!
 Celebrities love hats too! Take a look at some of their hats!
  RiRi (aka Rihanna)
 Ellie Goulding
 Rita Ora (Trending not only the beanie hat but the Slipper shoe!)
Caroline Flack
 Cara Delevingne (yes, here she is again!)

5 ways to wear your beanie: 
1. You can pair your beanie hat with a dress or skirt like Caroline and Rita Ora - this gives the dress and edge and a new look. So if you're in need of a new dress why not recycle an old one and update it with a hat?
2. Or, if 'going girly' really isn't your style why not try Cara's urban look? The denim gives the outfit the urban dimension and the beanie gives it a splash of colour without going overboard!
3. Go cosy like Ellie Goulding and pair your beanie with some woollies and typical winter attire! It will keep you snug and warm while looking awesome. 
4. Do it like RiRi - Adding a tomboy edge, Rihanna has not only added a 'biker style' cotton jacket but she has mastered the art of accessorizing with the beanie! With the addition of her hoop earrings Rihanna has kept her glamour without 'shining bright like a diamond'! (I admit that was cheesy..) 
5. Around the picnic table with the Mad Hatter enjoying an evening tea. He'd be mega jelous of your hat.

 So release your inner Mad Hatter and go buy a beanie – it will keep you warm and look good, promise!

Go get yours online at:

or go to your high street shops now! 

* Image credit to Google images


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