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So, you’ve seen their Spring/Summer 2013 collections on the catwalk but feast your eyes upon the pre-Autumn/Winter collections of your favourite designers!  Obviously the price range is probably not what most of us will find affordable but keep in mind that high street trends stem from collections such as these! I’ve extracted some of my favourite designers' collections of 2013 and picked out my favourite pieces within their collections!

Donna Karan’s Collection:
Donna Karan’s collection is one of my favourite collections this pre-autumn/winter season! These eye-catching designs capture the eye and never let your gaze go. Ultimately all about the flare and monochrome but with some contrasting pieces , Karan’s collection is truly fabulous!

Style Tip: Stand out from the crowd this year, not with colour but with design! Pick out some flared pieces for your autumn/winter season!

Chalayan’s Collection:
Beautiful and simple! Sporting some of the major trends of 2013 (subtly), like the monochrome shades and nothing too extravagant! Take a peek at some of my favourite looks:
Style Tip: Adopt pieces for your wardrobe that have the similar overall effect of Chalayan’s new collection! This could be through colour, shape, texture or material of the garment. Need ideas? Why not invest in a Chalayan-style coat found on the high street– simplistic but structural with one colour tone!

Saint Laurent Collection:
Edgy, moody yet classy with ‘rock chick’ written all over it, Saint Laurent provides the season of Autumn/Winter generously with some of these fantastic pieces:
Style Tip: Like the Saint Laurent collection? A must-have for you this year is a statement black dress/skirt/shirt/jacket! If you really want to be the whole essence of the collection darken your makeup with a black/red lipstick to add mood and edge to your look!

DKNY Collection:
DKNY is an obvious fan of the stripes this year! Here are some of their pre-autumn/winter collection pieces:
Style tip: Stripes, stripes and more stripes! This will get you sorted to achieve DKNY’s pre-Autumn/Winter collection this year! Start hoarding your stripey clothes to achieve the full on head-toe look or if you want a subtle hint of DKNY why not add a stripey accessory?

See by Chloe’s Collection:
Don’t mistake this for the other well known designer, Chloe! See by Chloe’s collection is equally as fantastic. Embracing boyish measurements but with enriched feminism, this collection lets you have the best of both worlds this year!
Style Tip: If you want See By Chloe’s look dig out the softer shades of your wardrobe; light blues, candy pinks etc! Plus make sure you have some loosely falling pieces too for the boyish edge!

Chloe’s Collection:
Chloe is classy and ultra feminine this pre-Autumn/Winter collection!
Style tip: Chloe’s all about skirts and sharp dimension so make sure you’re sporting the trend by ticking those boxes!

Diane Von Furstenburg Collection:
This collection is all about the prints and dresses!
Style Tip: If you want to achieve Von Furstenburg’s look there are two things you need to nail; the prints and the dresses! Go for an edgy print this Autumn/Winter like Diane Von Frustenburg’s collection and if you really want to smash the look apply the prints to dresses!

Alexander McQueen’s Collection:
With a gothic edge and some angelic contrasting designs,  Alexander McQueen’s pre-fall collection is fantastic. It’s bold, brave and unique from all the other collections.
Style Tip: Purchase a long pendant to accessorize like McQueen! It’s all about the collar too, whether it’s upright or bold, make sure your pieces have a statement collar. Don’t be afraid to go-long this year, Alexander McQueen’s dresses certainly have length!

Aren’t they brilliant? The pre-Autumn/Winter collections give me joyous hope for the year of 2013, with trends to-die-for. I can’t wait for the high streets to fill up with clones of items from these collections!


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