Saturday, 5 January 2013

Prized Possessions

We all have a prized possession, whether it’s related to fashion or not. Your prized possession may be your pet cat (y’never know?!) or your prized possession may be your best bit of technology. A prized possession doesn’t have to be worth a lot of money, it can be something as simple as a piece of paper from a relative or that special someone. It also doesn’t have to be something grand or magnificent. But, your prized possession may be living in your wardrobe. It could be your most faithful jacket or your vintage jewellery.  Usually it will be something that you expressively love, adore and cherish. And if there was a case of a fire (heaven forbid!) it would be one of the first things that you grabbed to save.  So, I thought I would share my prized possession with you! It’s a recent Vintage, hand-me down, wool lined, leather jacket that I absolutely adore!

So you've seen me in my prized possession but what are your wardrobes most prized possessions?
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