Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Through the looking glass…

 Glasses. Some of us have to endure them and others choose to wear them as a luxurious accessory every now and then. If you don’t wear them you want them, but if you do have to wear them (like me) then you’d do anything to have perfect vision. However, increase in the population wearing glasses has risen and thankfully glasses have become a fashionable item.
  Having impaired vision wasn’t always fun and trendy though. I did some research on the history of glasses and I wanted to share with you some brief historical content of how they’ve developed over the years.

Starting from the beginning....

It started off here – a medieval reading stone. Great for reading books or text but what happens when you’ve lost a minuscule object? Were people expected to carry around the stone and sweep it across the floor? To be honest this just isn't practical! I’m glad times have changed from this!

So, it brings great pleasure in telling you that the times of the ‘reading stone’ are over and now those of us that need a bit of visual help can look great in the process!

Glasses don’t have to be just worn by people who need them. You can buy a pair of lens less glasses or a pair of pure glass lenses if you want the look! Alternatively there are always sunglasses (but it is winter and the sun normally seems to be behind the clouds – but, to please everyone I’ve given them a small appearance on this post!), here are some of my favourite looks:


Cara Delevinge (rocking another look as per usual.)


Katy Perry – this one will either be a love or hate look. I personally love it!


Katy Perry – I like her glasses okay? 

Demi Lovato


The Bieb’s – Justin Bieber (had to be done)


Kendall Jenner


Selena Gomez


Kristen Stewart (apart from her looking a tad depressed,  Stewart’s glasses are awesome -admit it.)

Taylor Swift – the bigger the better Taylor!


And if you’re a fan of Glee, Lea Michele!


Or if you want to go high fashion give this look a go? (for the sunglasses audience)


Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses S/S 2013


So, which one pair do you choose to be looking 'though the looking glass' in? 





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