Monday, 21 January 2013

Wearing My Fashion Faux Pas..

When the French word ‘faux pas’ is used I will happily provide the explanation, for it is one of the few French words that I actually know. I know this particular phrase because I can relate to it, my encounters with fashion faux pas may be more a list than a brief encounter and it was on my recent de-clutter regime of my bedroom that I came across another ‘faux pas’ item. Scrambling through my messy, disorganized wardrobe, in a heap amongst the vast mess, lay my newly discovered faux pas.  My baseball cap from when I was 7, adored and faithfully worn throughout my childhood years. What’s wrong with a baseball cap you ask? Absolutely nothing. But this one has the addition of some of Disney’s most treasured characters; Goofy, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck etc.. Take a sigh of relief because this little baseball cap hasn’t been worn for many years..until now!
   My initial reaction to the hat was –‘ What are you still doing there?!’. Admittedly I thought that I had parted with the hat a long time ago on one of my regular clear-outs, but there seemed to be some reason why I had held onto it for all these years.. This faux pas cap isn’t just any old faux pas item, unlike others I won’t rush to get rid of it in embarrassment, or try and hide the fact that I ever owned it.. Oh no, this baseball cap is a friendly fashion faux pas, one that I would happily re-encounter. Is it high fashion? Ehm, no. But one thing my baseball cap has that many other fashion faux pas items lack, is happy, nostalgic memories that I will never let go of. And so, I’m repelling normality and wearing my fashion faux pas…

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