Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Childhood nostalgia

We all have childhood nostalgia; some would rather forget theirs, while others want to revisit the ‘easy’ and ‘fun’ days. One of the many attractions of being a child, for many, is the careless attitude you can embrace.  The more fortunate children seem to have no worries and no cares, instead they have intense sessions of fun and don’t have to think of anyone else but themselves. Of course, this is generalising but whether you have childhood nostalgia to remember or forget there’s one ‘person’ everyone wants to keep close to their hearts..Mickey Mouse.
  Disney creates a fantasy, a magical world, which provides children with hopes and dreams. Disney is a world that no one wants to forget, it’s what made many times happy and hopeful. As you grow older, Disney becomes less involved in your life, the magical tales are just stories and remain childhood memories, forming part of your childhood nostalgia. But why should it be that way?
  There’s no age limit to Disney, no expiration date, no rules or regulations saying that you’re too old to believe the magic and believe in fairy tales. It’s the general idea that as you grow older you stop believing. The stories that were once true and so real are now fantasies and made up tales, but they still hold a special place in your heart.  Within Disney there are of course a wide range of characters; you have the Princesses; Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel etc, and you have the original character that started the whole Disney craze off – Mickey Mouse.
  Famous for his high pitched, happy tone, this friendly mouse will jog everyone’s childhood memories and take them to a happy place. Which is why, I am so happy to announce that Mickey Mouse arrived at LFW more stylish than ever. I’m not being literal..sorry, I wish I was because Mickey Mouse turning up to LFW in his little red dungarees would be quite the spectacle, (mostly due to the fact he hasn’t changed his outfit for what must be nearly a century.) However, Mickey Mouse is making his fashion comeback and you’re invited!
   Mickey Mouse sweats are all the craze for S/S fashion of 2013, not just inclusive to sweaters but Mickey make a guest appearance on shirts and tops. Sell outs on the high street and hits at LFW catwalk (with the likes of Marc Jacobs giving this mouse the spotlight), MM is certainly one popular little mouse this season!

Mickey Mouse at LFW, Marc Jacobs

Celebs like Miley Cyrus certainly release their inner child wearing their Mickey midriff sweater.


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