Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dancing on stoney pavements..

Before I begin I should probably clarify that the title isn’t literal..Well, not usually anyway. Normally I would accept that the standard way to travel via a pavement is to walk, which (you will be pleased to know) is what I have been doing for several years of my life – walking on a pavement. But, a recent gift may just have changed the way that I travel via pavement (or any other kind of earth/ground), forever.
  I love heels. I would be lying if I said that I wore them with every single outfit I own because practicality gets in the way now and then, but nevertheless I love a good platform. Flats, however, I’m not too friendly with, they’re a bit too close to the ground for my liking (As odd as it may sound). Heels give people the optical illusion that you’re just that little bit taller. I’m 5”4, which is a reasonable height (I think anyway), but in heels I grow miraculously to at least 5”7. When I feel down or a little under the weather heels are usually my medicine. Slip a pair on and your mood will be guaranteed to transform.  They make me feel feminine and always add style without you having to try too hard! (Which is always a good thing, right?).  So, with that analysis of heel wearing I find no desire to wear flats, which in comparison make me feel a little bit plain. And so, being a heel lovin’ spirit, I am surprised that I am writing this blog piece with the intention to express my upmost love of a pair of flats….
  Opening my shiny, black, ‘Dr Martens’ look-a-like boots I was a little sceptical. Don’t get me wrong, I love these boots but whether they were my style was another question. I was strictly heels whenever the opportunity for choosing footwear was on the horizon. But I loved these boots too much to let them be one of those items that remain stuck at the back of your wardrobe gathering dust. I was determined to make use of them. And I did…. dancing on the stoney pavements…

And you know what? I loved it. Flats are labelled practical for a reason! I could dance on the streets with reduced fear of the possibility of me falling straight on my face. The probability of my dancing in heels on a stoney pavement and falling would defiantly be 100%. This view is due to the following factors;
1)   Stones – a sure health hazard in heels. You could be strutting your stuff and one of these babies get stuck in the toe piece of your shoe stabbing your toes and causing an interruption to your walking! Or, another possible scenario is stepping off a ‘conveniently’ shaped stone and twisting your ankle in the process.
2)   Cracks in the pavement – Playing hopscotch ain’t all that fun in heels let me tell you. Trying to avoid the dips in the pavement, not for your sake but for your shoe’s sake (obviously). Your patent, shiny heels can’t get scratched, or you’ll die or cry hysterically, one of the two.
      3)   Black holes – Now, I call them black holes because they seems to attract me with me unknowing., pulling my body into them without my consent (they’re just dips/holes in the pavement really.)  Oblivious to this ‘black hole’, I will walk along normally and find myself having to inherit a ninja reaction to spotting one of these little devils. Usually successful with escaping this ‘black hole’, I will sigh with relief while keeping an eye out for the next to come along. However, in some cases I won’t be so lucky, the result? Flat on my face and a scuffed heel.
  What I love about my boots you ask? I don’t have to look like a lunatic trying to avoid half of the pavement, leaping, jumping or swaying out of the way in fear. I can leap, jump and sway in glee and joy because

‘‘I’m dancing on stoney pavements!’’ 

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