Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

Diamonds are a girls best friend..well, so they say. Rings have become increasingly popular, now a single ring isn’t enough for you to make your fashion statement! Oh no, in todays society a single ring would be much more of a fashion faux pas – think big!
  I love rings. Rings will take a simple outfit and turn it into a work of art, giving it edge and style at your fingertips. So, what does 2013 have to offer? Even more rings!

Rings you should have this season (and their vocab!):
Midi – Self explanatory! This ring is positioned high/middle on your finger!
Link Up – The link up ring links two rings together, it’s a combo of a midi and a normal ring joined together by a single link!
Status – This is a thin band which can be doubled up! The status is seen as a love ring! (Cute!)
Knuckleduster – In simple terms the ‘knuckleduster’ is a single ring spread across several fingers!
Signet – Usually worn on your ‘pinkie’ finger, this is a small ring with a circular centre, usually with a picture engraved.

Style Tips;

  • Don’t search for hours looking for a special branded ‘midi ring’ – why not buy a ring a few sizes too small?
  • You may have every finger occupied with a ring but it doesn’t stop there! Stack your rings for a powerful statement!

Style inspiration
 Fashion icons such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, Kylie Jenner certainly love their rings!


Like I mentioned earlier I am a huge fan of rings! I have a whole box full of them, so I took this opportunity to try out the 2013 trend!

Why not try the look? Go to our Polyvore page to see where you can get your rings now! 


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