Friday, 8 March 2013

An insight into heaven

I’m writing this blog post with the target to show you an insight into heaven. What I am about to share with you is a fashion haven, it is heavenly and god-like..For what I am going to share with you is Alexander McQueen..

                                      *  (some of McQueen's designs)
I have been a massive fan of Alexander McQueen from the moment that I first set eyes upon a design of his.  The enriched art of his designs was like no other fashion designer I had ever come across. The quality, thought, power and emotion screamed from each collection, garment and every inch of fabric. In my opinion Alexander McQueen was a fashion genius; he broke the rules, stretched boundaries and got society to emotionally react to his collections. So, it was wh I on my recent sixteenth birthday that I received a gem of a present – ‘Vogue On Alexander McQueen’ by Chloe Fox. Forgive me for the utmost excitement but this was possibly one of my favourite presents I had ever received.
(a sneaky peak of the book!)

  The book itself is an exclusive insight into McQueen’s life, his struggles, battles, determination and an array of photographs showcasing some of his best work.
I would recommend this book for anyone who is even remotely interested in fashion and certainly for those of you who are fashion obsessed. The book educates you on the life of one of fashions greatest and most talented designers that will ever grace the earth. It is an easy read and not too long (approx. 152 pages – including pictures!), but it still has all the information that you need to know about McQueen. I found the book super inspirational and engaging and it has increased my adoration for the designer! I urge you to read this book and any other ‘Vogue On’ designer’s books, as they are compact, light and factual! And…most importantly this book will give you an insight into heaven. 

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