Saturday, 30 March 2013

Breakfast at…

Tiffanies? Not quite but this breakfast was a great substitute.  My Easter break means 3 weeks of relaxation and time off the rush of school life..sort of.. if you overlook the vigorous revision schedule that is planned out for the last 2 weeks of the holiday.  And so, on this suggested ‘relaxation’ period, I decided to take a little trip down to my Grandmother's.
   One of the greatest things about visiting my Grandma, aside from seeing her obviously, is getting to raid the wardrobes of her house. Over the years my Nan has collected numerous clothes from numerous old relatives, some hand-me-downs and old clothes that have been put into storage until someone takes them out of retirement. After some sifting through the rails, I came across this old jacket of my Mum's.

 I instantly loved it. It was warm, fluffy and rare, it was something that couldn’t be found on the high street and for that reason was unique and quirky. Over the years I’d say my style has changed considerably. It has gone through stages and there have definitely been some ‘cringe moments’, but at the moment I have been rebelling ever so slightly away from the current trends and steering more towards the unique pieces out there, developing my own sort of style. This jacket, was therefore, perfect.

Another of the things that I came across was again, one of my Mum’s old pieces. My Nan had knitted it for her in her teenage years, I loved the youthful colours; happy and spring related with a homespun twist. To make the find even better it was unique with a touch of antique..(pardon the rhyme, not intended.)

Finally I also hunted down some jewellery, once belonging to old Aunts, which again, I adored.  

In addition to the wardrobe raiding, another plus of visiting my Grandma’s is the fantastic home cooking. In the festivity of Easter she decided to make one of my favourites, hot cross buns. After a few hours of intensive labour, effort and tempting, mouth-watering smells of the rising dough in the oven, they were finally done. 

preparing the hot cross buns

Several hot cross buns later, breakfast came and I had yet another delicious, homemade hot cross bun topped off with comforting tea and freshly sliced bread. If the hot crossed buns weren’t tempting enough some further home baking was done – meringue nests.  

The home made meringue nests. Topped with raspberries and mini eggs!

So, with a full stomach and some vintage-style clothing that I had adopted, I returned home happy and relaxed. It was just the sort of break that I needed. Indulged in home comforts and spending quality time with family that I rarely see due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the little break at my Grandma’s was an escape. And I’m pretty sure breakfast at Tiffanies, although delightful it would be, wouldn’t come close to breakfast at Grandma’s.


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