Friday, 19 April 2013

COMPANY Blogger Awards - I've Been Shortlisted!

Thank you for everyone who has voted! I have been invited to COMPANY magazine's Style Blogger Awards event later this month. I am super excited because I will be amongst amazing, talented bloggers! Winner's will also be announced at the event! Fingers crossed! Thanks again! - Holly xx

As most of you already know I had been nominated in COMPANY's Blogger Awards for Best Teen Fashion Blog (Under 18s)! Today I received some mega exciting news.. as I slumped onto my sofa after a long day of school, I checked COMPANY magazine website to find out that my blog had received enough nominations and has been SHORTLISTED for the final voting stage! (and breathe!) This is the last stage of the competition and the blog with the most votes wins! It would be so amazing if you could take a minute of your time to vote for my blog so that I can hopefully be that blog with the most votes and win the category!

How to vote:

1. Click here then click the link on the site that says;

2.You HAVE TO choose your favourite blogs on the other categories in order to get to mine! Keep clicking next until you get to page 8, to vote for my category, Best Teen Fashion Blog (Under 18).

3. Select my blog by clicking on the button next to my URL ;

4. Click NEXT to confirm your vote, keep selecting other blogs until you reach the page (11/11) that submits all your votes (including the one for my blog)!

If you're experiencing difficulties voting please contact me via I Blog The Fashion's twitter page (@iblogthefashion) or email me at

 Winning this competition would be amazing (beyond description!) I started blogging not so long ago on New Year's Eve 2012 and fulfilled blogging as one of my New Year's resolutions! It has been such a rewarding experience and the kind feedback and messages I have had have all been lovely! I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who nominated my blog and to thank the ones who are regular readers! Obviously without all your support and nominations I wouldn't have reached this last stage of the competition! So THANK  YOU!

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