Sunday, 21 April 2013

Inside the treasure box

There are rare moments in your life when you come across something so special that you want to treasure it forever. Whether it's a moment, a message or an object, whatever it is you know that you want it to stay with you forever. It's not a selfish possession, it's something that you want passed down, carried on through the generations, shared with those closest to you. I had one of these rare moments in my life where I came across something so special that I knew that it would be treasured forever.
  Family heirlooms are special things to anyone, they carry a memory and an association with that person it once belonged to. I never had the honour of meeting my Great Grandmother Elizabeth but from what I've heard we were very similar in many ways. She had the red locks like mine and she obviously had sophistication and took pride with her fashion choices. How do I know? By looking inside her treasure box.
  I'm not talking about the traditional treasure box which overflows with a thousand gold coins, I'm talking about a jewellery box, Great Gran Liz's jewellery box. Full of statement necklaces, rings and quality pieces. The pieces weren't valuable, they came with a different value, a special value that money can't buy. From a young age I had explored Gran Liz's jewellery box, the chunky beaded necklaces snaking around one another, they looked like ancient egyptian jewels. It got me thinking about the word, 'necklace'. Broken down into two the word is neck lace. I understood it when I looked at these vintage necklaces belonging to my Great Gran. A necklace laces the neck with femininity, beauty and hangs from her neck with purpose and pride. Mesmerised by the beauty of the jewellery, I hoped that one day I would own something so enchanting....
  The day came, unexpectedly so it did, but it came. My Nan surprised me one day by gifting me one of Gran Liz's very own necklaces. I loved it. It was more special than anything that I had ever owned before, it came with responsibility and an element of my Gran Liz's elegance. Here the necklace is;

I love the necklace because its black and silver beads go with almost any outfit! It's versatile and one of a kind. Although I now possess the necklace it will always be Gran Liz's necklace, I only hope that I can wear it as beautifully as she did.

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