Monday, 24 June 2013

Clothes Show Live TV Launch Party

For starters I would like to say sorry for the delay in uploading this blog post! I came home from London on Friday and was weirdly very ill soon after..Anyway, a little while after, I'm on the road to recovery, still a little weak admittedly but thankfully it was just a passing bug! So, here the blog post is!
  On Thursday I travelled up to London for the Clothes Show TV Launch Party later that evening. although the journey was rather stressful to say the least (I missed my train and had to wait a further half an hour for the next one) after what seemed like a decade I had arrived in London! A few more minor disasters later (which I won't go into because this blog post could go on forever), it was time to hop in a taxi and drive to the Embassy club where the event was being held! For once I was on time and arrived rather early..ok, I was the first one there but who knew that fashion people took the term 'fashionably late' so literally? But after a couple of minutes passed, more and more people strolled in and before I knew it the place was packed with people all there for one reason - to celebrate the return of Clothes Show TV! And so, the party began!

What I wore

 I wore a stunning Little Mistress dress* kindly gifted by Little Mistress. I loved this dress from the moment it arrived, it has a sort of fairytale mystique about it, it tells you a story. With that being said I wore next to no jewellery, I didn't want to overwhelm the outfit with too many statement jewellery rings/necklaces when I felt that the dress did all the talking! The dress was really easy to wear and I received several compliments at the event! I'd like to say a massive thank you to Little Mistress for making the task of choosing my outfit an easy one!

A random snap of the event in action!
The coolest wall I have ever ever seen, I couldn't resist taking a quick picture of it! 

It was amazing to meet the stunning Jade Thompson (this years face of the Clothes Show)! Who else watched her in Britain and Irelands Next Top Model? I can't believe it was 2 years ago!

Cheska from Made In Chelsea just inches away getting interviewed! I also got a smile from Fran later in the evening! It was crazy being in the same room as the people I watch every Monday night on MIC! (I am quite the fan..)

The Dolly Rockers performing - these girls are so talented. (Sorry for the rubbish quality photo! It was taken on my phone!)
One Dolly Rocker down but here I am with the lovely and stunning Sophie and Daniele after their performance!  

Annaliese Deyes and Times Red on the red carpet.
Me and the super talented and handsome Times Red!
The goodie bag!

The event was held at Embassy Mayfair as I mentioned earlier, and from the coolest walls to the nicest looking food, it was a fantastic spot for a fantastic party! I got to meet and chat to some incredibly talented people while celebrating the long awaited return of Clothes Show TV. I am far too young to have any clear memory of the original Clothes Show TV because I was the young age of 3 but nevertheless I certainly know of its legendary existence! Its absence has been for a total of 13 years and making its grand return on YouTube I can honestly say I'm already hooked! The videos are concise clips touching on all areas of the Clothes Show, ranging from Beauty, Fashion, Showbiz and Behind The Scenes with just a click of a button!
I had a fantastic time at the Launch party and to reiterate, it was amazing meeting incredibly talented people like Jade Thompson, The Dolly Rockers and Times Red and celebrating the rebirth of the Clothes Show TV! 
   To watch clips from Clothes Show TV click the image below!


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