Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'Cos Wishes Can Come True / Topshop Lip sticks

Wishes really can come true. I know this because earlier this month a shared a few of my wishes on my June Wish Lists! If you haven't had a peek at my Wish Lists I will link the post below but for now stay tuned ;) . Earlier this week, after a disgusting GCSE Maths exam, I popped into town and took a trip to my local Topshop. For those of you dedicated readers, you will remember that on my Beauty Wish List this month was a Topshop lipstick. If you're an even more dedicated reader to my random little posts, you will remember (maybe), the post I wrote about the beginnings of my lipstick obsession, 'Becoming Alice' (I will link this below if you want a quick read!). It seems that my lipstick collection has expanded vastly since doing that post and my newest additions are Topshop's very own lipsticks.
  I've wanted a Topshop lipstick for what literally seems like a VERY long time. I love the packaging, the tubes and the range of colours. I couldn't resist, therefore, walking away from Topshop with some lipsticks purchased. Here are some snaps I took of what I chose!

I know that I only put one lip stick on my June wish list but quite frankly they were way too irrisitible to walk away with only one - so I ended up with three! The colours are amazing and I chose a variety  for different moods and looks! The colours last so well throughout the day, I'm wearing Ditsy as I blog which I have been wearing all day. I only needed a little touch up here and there of the colour after a meal had wiped away a bit of the boldness. Brighton Rock is probably my favourite just because it's such a crazy and fun colour. However, Macaroon is a subtle shade which is perfect for everyday wear! The texture of the lip sticks is smooth but also quite matte without being drying! 

So, wishes really can come true! I love my new Topshop lip sticks and they are happily buddied with the rest of my collection! They were definitely worth the wait and anticipation! At £8.00 each they are certainly a bargain compared to most higher end brands considering their fantastic quality! 

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