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Fashion Update / The Journey Of The Satchel

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It seems like forever since I have done a blog post for all of you lovely readers, so for starters sorry about that! The short-time that I've been away from my blog has been happy (not because I've been away from blogging) but because I have FINALLY finished my exams! YIPEEE! The excitement of this hasn't yet worn off and probably never will for the exams were gross and never-ending. BUT they have done the impossible and ended and now I am back to blogging normally after taking some time to celebrate! I've decided to introduce something a little different to my blog, 'Fashion Update'. Posts titled 'Fashion Update' will be posts where I will give brief updates on the newest/hottest trends. I've never really done a post like this before so I hope you enjoy reading it and hopefully I'll do some more 'Fashion Update' posts in the future if it proves popular!
  The first EVER Fashion Update post that I wanted to do was on the new(ish) trend, satchels. I say newish because the satchel trend isn't exactly new to the fashion world, they have been around for very many years. But it seems that the satchel has made its grand return from the mini-size that first hit our shop floors to the original, bigger satchel size in neon colours!
  As in my blog post 'The Perks Of Being A Fashion Blogger', one of the perks is getting glorious products sent to you to review. I received this satchel from BrandVillage and I have to say I love it. Not only do I love the bag but I'm loving the new trend that seems to be 'old school'. I've spotted similar satchels dotted around some high street stores (seen in the photo I sneakly snapped when shopping in Topshop).

A quick snap of a similar satchel from Topshop. 

Satchels are very old school dating back to Victorian times where children would use them for their school bags and for that reason have a very vintage vibe adding historical grace into your modern day step! The satchels first appeared on shop floors in mini size but have quite recently made a return in the original, larger size. The majority of the satchels have been injected with colour like the neon yellows seen above or with a metallic sheen. Unlike before in the olden days satchels are not just to carry your homework to and from school, they're now a fashion staple. 

Photo taken from Google Images

Even celebrities like Fearne Cotton are loving the new satchel trend! 

So what do you think of the journey of the satchel?  Will you be swapping your everyday bag for one of these old school satchels? 


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