Monday, 17 June 2013

The Perks Of Being A Fashion Blogger

One of the major perks of being a fashion/beauty blogger is the new stuff that you get to try. I love discovering new products and even better, I love discovering new products that are more amazing than the ones that I use now. As you may know I attended Company Magazine’s Style Blogger Awards event last month, not only was it an amazing night when I met some amazing bloggers and people, it was also a great night for discovering new things. At the event there were several stalls, all of which were either promoting a brand or company. As the night went on there was some mingling and there was also some snooping on my behalf! Whilst snooping around I discovered a girl’s best friend, a beauty stall/table/area (I don’t really know what you’d call it but it was basically a table upon which fabulous products were perfectly displayed..). Full of intrigue I browsed a little further and while my browsing turned into more browsing, I grew more and more excited by the minute. I had discovered something new and something wonderful…The Vintage Cosmetic Company!
  First of all I’ll start by saying that I’m a fan of all things vintage/vintage themed, so the name alone was enough to get me acting like a child at Christmas. To add to my state of utter happiness the products looked so great! Unfortunately I didn’t really have a chance to sit down and try some of their products at the event so was a bit gutted that I had to walk away.. However, a couple of weeks ago the lovely ladies at The Vintage Cosmetic Company sent me the best package… A parcel containing a few select items from their range (*cue the leaping around the room like a lunatic!). They are, as expected – amazing!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Nancy Fake Eyelashes *
                The Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Tweezers *
                   The Vintage Cosmetic Company Toe Separators *
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Foundation Brush *

Here are the pictures that I took the day that these gems were posted through my letter box. A few seconds later their much-nicer-than-average packaging was ripped apart so that I could start using the products straight away. 

The first product that I used was their foundation brush. It was a little bit scary how this was popped through my door because I was actually on the hunt for a new foundation brush! I already have a perfectly respectable Models Own foundation brush but it's always good to have two of something because I'm always losing my makeup in some shape or form. With all that considered you can imagine that I was super happy to receive this foundation brush even before I had tried it out! A few weeks on (which is now!) and I've been using this foundation brush almost everyday. The brush is clearly labelled 'foundation' which is always useful due to possible confusion when picking up brushes in the morning, not knowing which brush is which through sheer lack of sleep! The brush itself is soft and very effective for applying foundation so serves its purpose very well! The brush is really good quality and unlike some very nasty, cheaper brushes you won't find a brush hair engraved onto your face as you apply your foundation - all bristles are still in tact! This brush is really  good value for money at only £14.00! 

The next product that I tried was the tweezers. I despise plucking my eyebrows, it's on occasion painful, time consuming and makes my face red afterwards. Plus with the explosive Cara D sporting mega bushy eyebrows, half of us are thinking 'what the 'eck' and aren't bothering at all! But eyebrow plucking is necessary even if it's just a touch up here and there because no one wants a monobrow now do they? I noticed that The Vintage Cosmetic Company's tweezers were crafted at a slanted angle (always a good thing for minimising pain!) so I 'plucked' up the courage and started ripping my eyebrow hair out at its roots. I have to say I honestly felt next to nothing when carrying out what is usually an mega odious task. The tweezers had a great spring and a grip on the targeted hair, making plucking easier and more effective! For even more brownie points these tweezers have a cute floral design making plucking a little more jolly. 

I have never really bothered with toe separators before now.. I'm not sure why I hadn't made this necessary purchase ever but I guess I'd never really thought about separating my toes for sheer convenience. Painting your toes can be more than irritating. I'm sure the majority of you reading this have struggled with the 'toe painting task' at least once in your life. I have to be completely honest and say that half the time I end up painting my whole toe before I manage to paint my actual toe nail. Using these lovely patterned toe separators, the task of painting my toe has become a lot easier. I now can announce that my toe nail manages to get painted and in the meantime minimal smudging takes place because my collection of toes (that made me sound like I have more than 5 toes..I don't, I have 5 on each foot..and just in case you think I'm now an octopus, I have 2 feet..totalling 2 feet and 10 toes...) anyway off on a tangent there, my toes (10) do not interweave whilst my nails are drying, so smudging is minimal. Therefore, to conclude my rambling on the toe separators, they're great - they do the job (that is separating the toes effectively) and look pretty with this really cute dotty design! 

I have to confess and say that I actually haven't tried these Nancy Fake Eyelashes yet! I'm saving them for an exciting event later this week (eek!). So I can't really say much about them apart from the fact that they look really natural from inside the box and look like really lovely lashes! Don't think that I'm not going to write up a review on these though because as soon as I've trialled them I'll be posting a cheeky little picture up on twitter (@iblogthefashion) and will also return to this blog and update it! 

I'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to The Vintage Cosmetic Company for sending me some of their glorious products! I'm so glad I've discovered a brand that's new (to me) and really has some excellent stuff! I will most definitely be purchasing something off their site and would highly recommend that you at least browse some of their products by clicking their picture below! 


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