Sunday, 9 June 2013

What’s on my wish lists / June

Firstly an apology is in order, because in my world May never happened for my wish lists. The month itself, however, did occur, as many events (exams to be exact *sob*) proved! So here are my June wish lists! Admittedly they aren’t too extensive but I’m not feeling particularly needy this month!

1. Zara Ankle Strap Sandal – I literally NEED these shoes! I’ve wanted a pair of strap sandals for what seems like forever so when I saw these while browsing on Zara’s site they were perfect.
2. Topshop Spot Shirt – This cute shirt is like the 60s wrapped up in one garment! It’s perfect for the weather in the UK (which is unpredictable to say the least) because you can adapt it to both summery weather and the winter weather that seems to creep into our summer season!
3. New Look Reflective Pilot Sunglasses – We’ve been lucky weather-wise these past few days and I only have 2 pairs of sunglasses so felt that my collection was a bit scarce. I really like the reflective sunglasses; they’re quite quirky and remind me of rainbows…(random I know but rainbows are joyful therefore so are these sunglasses).
4. New Look Pink Gold Sports Watch – I have been on the search for a watch for so long. I don’t usually shop online but when I browse for my wish list items I will explore the web to add to the stuff that I have already seen in the stores! I really want this watch and I am very tempted to get it so watch this space!
5. Topshop Green Leaf Longline Bikini – Also featured in my ‘Style Ideas’ on I Blog The Fashion's Polyvore page collage on Bikinis, this is the swimwear that I want to be prancing around the beach in! The banana print is very Andy Warhol (and if you don’t know who that is you need to google him right now, he’s all about making bananas cool and retro like this bikini!).
6. New Look Neon Abstract Gladiator Sandal Wedges – These sandal are craaaazzzy and that’s why I love ‘em. They’re bright and fun and would be perfect for summery nights to either dress up an outfit or paired with something casual.
7. Cordelia Structured Buckle Detailed Shopper - Last but not least on my June wish list is this stunner of a bag from I own a fair collection of bags but I am yet to own a white one. That’s pretty much the extent of my thought process when I saw this bag – ‘it’s white and I don’t have a white bag’. Bish bash boom it’s landed on my June wish list! Obviously I admire the bag other than its colour. The buckle and shape is edgy and different from all the other bags I own..

Next up is my beauty wish list!

            1.     Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Lotion – You may or may not have noticed that I am somewhat of a hard-core Burt’s Bees fan. I recently reviewed their fabulous (to say the least) Tips and Toes Kit so my addiction has been rekindled! I desperately want this Intense Hydration Lotion because, well, I, like many others would like smooth and soft skin forever and I firmly believe this product would be the way forward!
       2.     Burt’s Bees Very Volumizing Pomegranate Shampoo – Yes, I know, another Burt’s Bees product on the wish list, change the record, but this is a little different because it’s hair related. I’ve never tried Burt’s Bees hair care products but I’m pretty sure they’d be just as effective and full of fantastic quality ingredients just like the rest of their products so I’m willing to take a chance and try it when I can!
       3.     Topshop Lipstick – I am yet to try these lipsticks but I’ve heard rumblings of them being related somehow or other to MAC and as I am a BIG fan of all things MAC (apart from their price stickers) I want to give this lipstick a go! 
      4.     Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick – What a cheeky little title eh? I’m a new fan of Soap & Glory’s make-up collection. You may have read my recent review that I did on their Super Nude Lip Stick earlier on this week, if not read it – you’ll want their lip sticks after you finish! With my new admiration for their make up range I’m really keen to try these gloss sticks! I’ve seen them in my local Boots shop (a UK beauty store that ironically does not sell any boots for those of you overseas readers wondering what I’m knocking on about!) and they look really intensively glossy and have a selection of really bold colours to choose from ( I want them all but we can’t have everything.. * sigh *)
5.     Lastly, Topshop Mascara Carbon Copy – I’d like to go outside of my comfort zone concerning my mascaras! I’ve had the same Estee Lauder mascara for quite some time now and hygiene aside, I think it’s probably time for a change.  I’ve read good reviews on Topshop’s Carbon Copy Mascara so would like to give it a go myself!

And that’s what my June wish lists look like! Hopefully I’ll get a few of these items at some point in the near/distant future so that I can blog about them and have them for my own personal happiness! 

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