Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cream Of The Crop

Not to worry, despite the title this isn't a blog post about the ins-and-outs of gardening and how to produce the perfect crop. This blog post is instead dedicated to my new(ish), glorious beauty finds - Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula & Tesco Moisturising body butter!

I'll start with the Tesco Moisturising Body Butter.

Now before you judge the 'Tesco' aspect of this body butter I ask that you give it a chance despite its supermarket title! I guess like most of you I didn't really believe that a Tesco produced beauty product could be that amazing. I had no doubts that it would be good but I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is! I'll start with the smell. I like my moisurisers to smell really good which isn't a lot to ask, because the product will be lingering on my skin for quite some time, therefore if it smells less than delightful I won't want to go near it! Part of the initial charm of this product was its utterly amazing smell of mango & nectarine extract. The smell is strong but isn't overpowering when it's actually on your skin, it settles to a nice, subtle but charming 'whiff' of orange.  The actual body butter itself is lovely and cooling when you apply it onto your skin; I have recently started using it as a 'cooling' cream after being in the summer sun. The butter dries reasonably quickly and doesn't have a typical 'butter' texture like some moisturisers after being left to settle for a couple of minutes. The butter leaves skin feeling soft and nourished and another bonus of the product is that it contains Vitamin E which helps to protect and repair skin. While writing up this review and taking pictures of the products, I also noticed that this butter does not support animal testing - fantastic. Instead funding is provided for alternatives. I can't find the product online to link to this post so I also can't find the price (*sniffle*) BUT from memory I can confidently say that this product was ridiculously cheap and I'm pretty sure it was in the range of £1.00 which is amazing for the quality of the butter. You get a reasonable 200ml and I find that a little bit goes a long way. Overall this is just such a luscious smelling, cheap butter that is great for nourishing your skin at a cheaper cost than most other body creams out there!

The next body butter that I am absolutely loving is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula.

Again, I am completely won over by the smell of this, it is the definition of 'amazing'. I have read some other reviews out of curiosity on this butter formula and it's apparent that not everyone likes the smell of this butter apparently but I personally think it's divine! I bought this in Tesco's on a grocery shop while browsing through their cute little beauty section of a select few body butters. This body butter was on offer so I thought 'why not?' and popped it into the trolley to give it a try. I'd previously not tried any of Palmer's products, not too sure why, because they're pretty much renowned for being amazing by bloggers and people of the world, so I was definitely missing out before! Aside from the smell the actual butter is so nourishing and high quality. I've recently been doing some minor exercising in order to get my body a little more toned and I've found that this butter formula is great to massage into my pathetic aching muscles post exercise. Also, claiming to 'tone skin', not only is it relaxing for my tired muscles but it's helping the overall appearance of my legs (*casual shriek of joy*). This butter is also good for smoothing marks and scars. While I don't have any scars I do have the odd teenage stretch mark here and there, nothing too major, but it would be great if they would fade sometime soon, and this butter has been aiding their disappearance. I won't say that I've noticed a major change in the fading of my marks, but they have definitely faded over the past months that I have been using this body butter. The butter is thicker than most other butters but doesn't leave your skin feeling 'tacky' or too soaked in product, it's highly moisturising so you can expect an element of residue but nothing too extreme. Like the Tesco's Moisturising Body Butter, Palmer's contains Vitamin E so you can expect the same level of care for your skin! Palmer's is more expensive than the Tesco cream but like I mentioned above I bought this on offer, it's usually around £4.00 which is quite pricey in comparison, but not unreasonable!

So there you have it, my 'Cream Of The Crop' butters!


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