Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Love Letter To The Breakfast Scrub

Part of the reason I love making wish lists is because I can pinpoint what I really want and need. This prevents me from making some spontaneous purchases that turn out to be rubbish (which has happened countless times). When I create my wish lists I read reviews on the products and look in-depth at what they offer me in comparison to similar products - then if I'm happy with what I've read and have taken a large fancy to the item, I'll stick it on my wish lists for you to read all about. Another reason that I love doing wish list posts is because after spending most of the month pining for the products, I eventually end up buying a few items off them. This month I have done just that and if you've read my Beauty wish list this month you may have guessed which product I've gone and bought. The product that I've bought is none other than the glorious Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub.

In my wish list post this month, I explained that I'd never owned a scrub before in my life. Now I can officially change that status and say that a scrub has been occupied by none other than moi. To tell you the truth I'm quite liking life now that I own a scrub. I have the option to exfoliate and pamper my skin in a way that wasn't there in my non-scrub days. I've fallen in love with this scrub - a condition that isn't normal for the masses of the population, but I want to declare my love for this scrub here, which is exactly what I am going to do. Firstly, this scrub is the most AMAZING smelling thing I have EVER smelt. In fact, as I type, the scrub is beside me (for we can't be parted for long periods of time) and I have smelt it over 5 times (ok maybe 10) within the last 5 minutes. The scrub has a drug-like effect upon all it encounters, once you smell it once there's no going back, you must smell it again. Before you think I sound like a creep that sits in the corner caressing and smelling this scrub, let me explain its fabulosity. For starters it's made with scrumptious, mouth-watering ingredients such as: oats, shear butter, honey extracts, almonds and bananas (I actually can't smell the bananas which I'm thrilled about seeing as they make me want to gag - I am definitely anti-banana.). It smells so good that Soap & Glory took it upon themselves to clarify to the nation that 'THIS IS NOT FOOD' on the label underneath the tub - thanks guys, saved myself a stomach fiasco there.

The helpful warning label to waive confusion. 

  Aside from the product smelling good the scrub is actually great and in the words of the Soap & Glory team, it's 'masterful at tackling chicken skin on your triceps and elbows. While I'm not sure I actually ever had chicken skin on my triceps and elbows in the first place, I can be comforted with the knowledge that if I ever did, my chicken qualities have been knocked out of the park with this scrub. The scrub has cupuacu bio scrubs and while I'm not too confident on what they are, the key word here should be 'bio' suggesting that it's natural and brag-worthy as Soap & Glory stuck it on the tub's sticker. A scrub isn't something that I would put my skin through every day, it's potentially harsh and with my sensitive skin (and from experience), over-scrubbing can lead to bright red rashes lasting for 30 minutes - oops. However, when scrubbing is done correctly the after-effect can be more than pleasing leaving skin flake-free and chicken skin-free. I'm thrilled with this scrub, as is my Mum, and if you're in need of a second opinion, I shall quote her words when evaluating the scrub - 'it's lush' - AMEN to that.
  To conclude, after smelling the scrub 20 more times, I have been sent into a Maple fragrance state of bliss and reiterate that this is the best smelling, most loveable scrub out there and deserves every fibre of praise this earth has to offer it.

Note: This is the end of my love letter to - 'the breakfast scrub'. All my love, Holly xoxoxo


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