Thursday, 22 August 2013

Shopping With A Sweet Tooth

A little earlier this week I went shopping - jealous yet? Well you shouldn't be. I went shopping, yes, but shopping for things that were anything but exciting - school things. I literally can't believe how quickly the summer holidays have flown by; each day I've been busy with either my blog, or out-and-about like a frantic little human being whose movements resemble those of a disorientated butterfly (that's how hectic my holidays have been.). While it's all been very nice, the realisation that school was soon upon me was less pleasing. I've very much enjoyed my summer days of lolling around the beach not having to worry about homework/exams/tests OR more importantly exam results. Last Thursday was the day that AS and A-Level students got their results back (nervous stuff) and while some may have thought 'Jeez, I'm sure glad that's not me getting results today', I was envious. GCSE students had to wait a whole extra week of torment to find out their results. We were left in limbo, in the pre-breakdown stage awaiting the post-traumatic stress. My stomach churned every time I thought of Thursday (today!) and I'm sure fellow GCSE students who awaited their results this morning felt the same (If not - are you human?). I'm so relieved that GCSE's are over for good and I was really really happy with my results. I hope you all got what you wanted and deserved! :)
 Back on topic, I was out shopping for school bits and bobs when I couldn't resist a visit to; Boots/Topshop/*insert other shops that have nothing to do with school here* - after all, it would be rude not to have a 'browse'. Naturally I saw numerous items of clothing that were all too expensive for me to afford BUT I could afford two little items that caught my eye. Partly because I think I was shopping on an empty stomach and because I simply love lip balms, I ended up buying two of the most delicious tasting/smelling/scented chap sticks that I think I've ever experienced - Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch and Wall's Ice Cream Twister Lip Balm. 

As a child I was strictly chocolate not sweets. By that I mean, if given the option, 'chocolate/sweets?', 'chocolate' would for sure be my answer. However, as I've grown older my sweet tooth has well and truly developed into a strictly sweets answer. Which is why when I feasted my eyes on these beauties I just had to have them.. I'll start with Wall's Ice Cream Twister Lip Balm..

When I saw this lip balm I think I actually squeaked with joy. I LOVE Wall's Ice Cream's Twister Lollies. They have been my favourite ice lollies since I can remember, which is why my freezer was well prepared for this blog post, already stashed to the brim with the real deal. While I sit, blog and eat the Twister lolly seen above (women can multitask), I can't help but feel that nothing can compare to the actual Twister lolly. While I was more than pleased with the Twister Lip Balm, it does by no means compare to the smell and taste of the real ice cream lolly. The Lip Balm itself has a sweet smelling, ice cream aura but it's not a strong as I would like it to be. I do really adore this lip balm but when you label it 'Twister' Lip Balm my expectations are high - I am the ultimate fan you see. I can't help but be a little critical with this lip balm purely because it's not an edible Twister Lip Balm, but I have realised that if I want that, I need to literally smother the real 3D lolly on my lips - having actually done this I can say that it's a little creamy and the ice cream pigmentation is quite strong.. All jokes aside this lip balm is a cute, wannabe Twister, but doesn't quite have that 'to-die-for' taste or smell of the actual Twister lollies. I do love this lip balm though, it's a great reviver for when my lips are in a dire state and in need of some hydration. For £2.50 it was a great score from Outfit.

I've heard and read very mixed reviews about Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balms - some positive and some negative. I really wanted to give my own opinion on them, so when out 'school shopping' I whipped this up. My verdict? I love it. Some of the critiques I've read about the Baby Lips say that they look cheap..well, at £2.99, what are you expecting from a lip balm? Gold dust? I actually think the packaging of the Baby Lips is fun, quirky and has a hint of 'pop-art'-esque about it. While the lip balm claims to hydrate your lips for 8 hours, from my experience this is a little fib. I thought the claim was a little ambiguous when I bought it but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and trial its claims. It doesn't last 8 hours but it is one of the longest hydrating lip balms I own.  The collection of Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms offers different kinds of lip balms. For example, their flavours are: Mint Fresh, Lemon and Basil, Cherry Me, Cherry Almond, Pink Punch, Grape Vine and Peach Kiss, all of which come with different hints of colour. I chose Pink Punch purely because it sounded the most appetising to me at the time, however I'd be keen to try more of their flavours. I'm very tempted by Peach Kiss which was out of stock at the time! Pink Punch is a delicious smelling lip balm smelling tropical and summery - perfect. Pink Punch also has a hint of colour, coating the lips with a touch of pink - it's very subtle but great for quick hydration and a splash of colour! I have nothing negative to say about this lip balm, it's great despite some of the negative reviews that I've read. What's not to love? Smells great, looks great - love it!

These purchases were a result of shopping with a sweet tooth and I thank this tooth from the bottom of my heart for inspiring such pleasing purchases. 

 (You can buy Wall's Twister Lip Balm from Outfit UK stores and Maybelline Baby Lips from Boots stores UK.) 


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