Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I Wanna Be A Millionaire

The high street is a wonderful creation for those of us who don't have thousands of pounds to spend on clothes. However, there are some things that money can buy - fabulously, hand-made, hand-crafted, masterpiece clothes. I buy many, many fashion magazines and in them are adverts so glamorous and fantastic that they make me want to cry. Every picture bursts with the essence of 'chic' and is full to the brim with clothes that I would die for. Due to the new season of Autumn (a.k.a Fall for you lovely American readers), the magazines are stuffed with brand new collections. I want everything and to be honest if I was rich I probably would end up being poor because I'd spend all my money on clothes. However, I'm not rich and I can barely afford high street clothes let alone the fancy designer gear. BUT, I can dream and I can wish and that's exactly what I did. When I find something that I love I fold down the corner of the page in the magazine and revisit it for inspiration/just to admire it whenever I have a spare moment. While this may not be normal, it's what I do. I thought, in this post, that I would share with you all my favourite things which, if I was a millionaire, I would spend my money on. This is a fantasy post..welcome to my dreams..
Ps: If you can afford this, I hate you. Leave now. (I'm joking, well not really...)

1. Alexander McQueen Pearl Embroidered Cigarette Trousers - You should've guessed by now that when designers are involved in my blog posts, there will most definitely be a mention of Alexander McQueen. To say I am a fan of his work/brand would be an understatement. Fabulously weird, quirky and fun - McQueen's 'Ready To Wear' section is just a little toned down from his catwalk designs. I love these trousers. They're probably one of the simpler designs from this collection but they're awesome nevertheless. I like the way that these Cigarette Trousers are casual yet formal - you could dress them up or down. The Pearl Embroidery makes these trousers edgy and high fashion, creating line and shape to any figure. Priced at £750, only the rich and lucky could bear to spend that amount of money on one pair of trousers...if only I won the lottery...

2. Ted Baker Embellished Collar Shirt - Pretty and Pink, this shirt is nailing one of the most popular colours of A/W - pink. I love the simplicity of this shirt and the addition of glamour with the embellished collar. Perfect for casual day-to-day wear. For £99, however, I could buy 5 high street shirts with that money..

3. & Other Stories Nubuck Leather Jacket - This jacket is perfect for nailing the gothic/grungy look of A/W without smothering yourself head-to-toe in black. This dark, emerald green jacket is perfect to pair with black boots and casual wear, while still being high fashion. £220

4. Michael Kors Watch - I like all Michael Kors watches, they're cool, classy and elegant. I don't own a watch purely because my taste in them is a little expensive. Maybe Santa Claus will surprise me with a £218 watch this year? Or maybe not...

5. Victoria Beckham Victoria Tote - I get a little bit sad when I look at Victoria Beckham's collection because the prices are just ridiculously high. Each piece of clothing, however, is fantastically designed - pristine, clean and chic. This bag is just one of the many things I love in Victoria's collection - simple and classy, perfect to pair with basically any outfit. The downside? The 3 zero price tag.

6. Sophia Webster Footwear - Spotted in one of my fashion magazines, these shoes immediately caught my eye. I love the exotic, Spanish/Italian vibe these shoes have. Every day would be a party wearing these! £525 on a pair of shoes is a little out of my price range, however, so I'll not be getting my mitts on these anytime soon.

7. DKNY Cropped Crew neck Tee With Logo - This DKNY Crew neck Tee has a sporty vibe and casual essence about it. Really casual but perfect for pairing with a statement necklace, if this was in my wardrobe I would wear it to death. At £60 this Tee is the cheapest designer piece on my Millionaire Wish List!

8. Givenchy Sleeveless Bambi Tee - Givenchy has been my guilty pleasure for the past few months - especially their Bambi designs. Their Bambi sweater was a sell-out within weeks and I was amongst the fans of their super popular design. When I saw this Tee I really, really wanted it and if it wasn't £335 I would be buying it in a snap.

So that concludes my Millionaire Wish List. Of course, I could fit a lot more onto the Wish List because I love all clothes (literally), but I restrained myself and condensed the list into the above. What would you buy if you were a millionaire? Tweet me @iblogthefashion


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