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What's On My Wish Lists / November

I disappeared again and I'm sorry! I honestly don't know where the time went since I last blogged - it went way too fast! I lost track of my blogging schedule and was completely disorganised this month, which is NOT good. Since starting sixth form and studying my AS's I've had very little spare time and the little spare time I do have I spend selfishly and just laze around. I've made a mini end of year resolution to blog normally, organise my time and schedule posts because my blog isn't at a standard I want it to be. Anyway, that's my resolution and I plan to stick to it so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of me!
 I usually publish my wish lists nearer to the beginning of the month but since that time has passed I thought better late than never and collaged together, on beloved Polyvore, a collection of my most wanted items. Not only am I always on the look out for new clothes that I need to find an excuse to buy, but now more than ever I am constantly looking for things to purchase because…it's nearly Christmas! Before you go all stroppy and pull the line, 'it's still November', Christmas gifts need thought well in advance. Although these wish list items aren't on my official 'Christmas list', some of them may have to make an appearance on my letter to the white bearded man himself.

I had so many items to stuff onto this wish list but they actually wouldn't physically fit so I had to be selective, as always.

1. Urban Outfitters Cheap Monday Perfect Print Spray Tee - One of the reasons I love Urban Outfitters is their original and quirky style as a shop. I suppose you could call their stuff 'indie' with it having that definite 'urban' vibe that they strive for. This top is definitely one of those 'urban-chic' looks with the spray paint effect writing and casual essence of the top. This top would be perfect to dress down a wardrobe - throw on a beanie and you're sorted!

2. Forever21 Bombshell Sequinned Crop Top - With Christmas being very nearly around the corner people want to celebrate and when people want to celebrate there is often an excuse for a party. This top is festive with the sequinned detailing making you glisten and sparkle like a Christmas tree :) - horrayyy. Jokes aside I've actually developed a bit of on obsession with Forever21, their clothes are amazing and surprisingly cheap with low delivery cost - any online shopper's dreamworld really!

3. Topshop Satin Animal Jumpsuit - I actually think I love this Satin Animal Jumpsuit from Topshop. It's true what they say, 'love at first sight', I experienced it a few minutes ago when I first spotted this jumpsuit. One thing Jumpsuits will be your best friends for is their versatility. You can dress up or dress down a jumpsuit accordingly. For example, to dress up this Jumpsuit you'd add a statement necklace and some high heels, to dress it down you'd simply add a leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots. There are so many outfits I could make from this jumpsuit and quite frankly it's going on my Christmas list because I've become rather obsessed with it.

4. Boohoo Melody Tartan Knickershorts - The fact that these Knickershorts only cost £6 has got to be a definite bonus. These Knickershorts, although are relatively short, could be paired with a shirt tied at the waist and a casual cropped tee for a day-to-day look. Dress these shorts up for a festive gathering with some good accessories - all while nailing the famous A/W tartan trend.

5. Deena Ozzy Arrow Lock Bag in Green - I have restrained myself from buying multiple bags this year. In fact, as part of my New Year's resolution I told myself that I wasn't going to buy a new bag each time that I went out. I am happy to declare that my bag buying has reached a controlled level. However, this doesn't stop me browsing endlessly for my next bag. I came across this bag and instantly rekindled my 'bag buying' obsession. Although there isn't anything particularly amazing about this bag as far as they go, I just like the structure and overall design of it!

6. Missguided Aleysa Suede Platform Buckle Boots - I added these beautiful shoes to my wish list a couple of weeks ago - what's not to love about them? They are the essence of the gothic/grunge look that is everywhere this A/W. Although they are platformed I think that these boots are perfect for casual wear - pair them with some leggings or tartan trousers and you're ready to go. Unfortunately these boots are now sold out and it's no wonder because they truly are fantastic..

7. Missguided Bulinca Cropped Denim Shirt - Although this piece is fairly simplistic and plain, I think it's versatile and edgy. Wear it on its own or throw on a cosy jumper over the top - I think this denim top would be a perfect piece for my A/W wardrobe.

Although there are only four items on this month's wish list the prices excuse that fact completely…sometimes I wish I didn't have such expensive taste…

1. Benefit World Famous Neutrals - Easiest Nudes Ever Eyeshadow Kit - One thing that I'm in desperate need of is new makeup, in particular new day-to-day makeup. Day-to-day makeup is absolutely essential for pretty much any girl (or guy), however, due the the hefty price tag I tend to sway away from spending the little money I have on makeup when I could spend it on clothes. This Benefit World Famous Neutrals Eyeshadow Kit would literally 'benefit' me and my face - lovely collection of neutrals and awesome packaging - need I say more?

2. Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette - I have heard and read so many fantastic reviews for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I was in Debenhams recently looking at all the Naked palettes and to be quite honest I was at a loss trying to choose just one to stick on my wish list (and eventually buy). The palettes are a collection of neutral colours, all are quite similar but so very different at the same time. The palette colours vary in pigmination and shades slightly which made my choice very difficult! I might just have to buy them all….

3. Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara -  A new mascara is well overdue, I'm currently using a cheap, drug store mascara that quite frankly makes my eyelashes look like bits of spiky wire..Quality is everything when it comes to makeup and it's always best to stick to what you know, which is why this gift set makes a special appearance on my wish list…Santa, are you reading?

4. Mac Stroke Of Midnight Brush Set - I currently own two brushes, one of which isn't even mine. I think it's therefore safe to say that a brush set would be very much appreciated and is very much needed. I like this Mac Stroke Of Midnight Brush Set because it's compact, cute and has quality, professional standard brushes.

So, there you have it - my November Wish Lists! I can't believe that December starts tomorrow - who's got their advent calendars at the ready?


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