Sunday, 3 November 2013

Winter Favourites and Essentials

Yesterday, freezing cold, standing in the frosty, gusting wind and torrential hail, I thought that perhaps Winter really had arrived. This realisation, however, was a little bit too late as I stood unprepared for the harsher elements that come with the wintery season. Warm and in the safe realms of my own home I put together an action plan and made a vow that this Winter I would be prepared. In this blog post I've put together my top Winter favourites and essentials to share with you all - here they are! 

I would like to firstly apologise for the picture which was taken on the floor. I was planning on doing a spot of modelling but unfortunately the weather has been truly horrific so conditions were not exactly optimal for such a picture! 

1. Rocket Dog Tacey Boot * - These boots are ridiculously warm, snug and practical. Despite my hesitation at first about taking them straight into the deep end and plunging them into water, the boots actually survived really well after I went out in them in near-torrential rain. As far as a Winter boot is concerned, these are definitely up there with the best of them. Sometimes practicality and fashion don't go hand in hand but these boots make that possible. I absolutely love the fur lining inside the boot and around the cuff, making these literally the warmest pair of boots that I own. So, if you're on the hunt for the next winter boot I would highly recommend these booties. They come in three different colours - mine are in the colour 'drizzle', but all the colours are highly versatile and practical - the other shades are 'black' and 'rust'

2. Topshop Fur Coat - Unfortunately this coat has actually been a sell-out for Topshop and after searching their online site I couldn't find the exact one anywhere - sorry! I did manage to find the coat in a navy blue, however, so if you've taken a fancy to it you can buy it here.  This coat is definitely one of my top Winter essentials. It is the cosiest, warmest coat I've ever got my hands on and keeps me warm to say the least! The feature that I adore on this coat is the full, fur lined hood - quirky and definitely larger than life, this hood is fantastic for keeping the bitterly cold bite of the Winter wind away from those ears! I feel like I'm in a sleeping bag every time I wear the hood - hood up, world out! 

3. Topshop Knitted headband - I've had this headband for over a year now and since then it has been worn so many times. I think these knitted headbands are great for a number of reasons. Firstly, they cover up bad hair days and also prevent them! When you're wearing the headband not only does it  flatten down any fly-aways, it also keeps your hair in place, which considering the Winter winds, is a fantastic creation in my opinion. Secondly, it keeps you so toasty! When inside I have to take my headband off because it literally makes me sweat, but being warm outside is never a bad thing so I'm not complaining! You can find these knitted headbands everywhere now so hurry and grab yours before they're sold out! 

So there you have them - my winter faves and essentials! What are you loving this Winter?  

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