Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Clothes Show Shopping

In Yesterday's post I blogged about my visit to the N.E.C in Birmingham on Sunday to see the Clothes Show Live. I took so many photos it literally took me hours to edit, cut and upload all of them into each post. In this blog post I'll basically be blogging about the Clothes Show and my little shopping trip and mini splurge, oh and meeting Mr Peter Andre... 

Vulgar Sheffield was the very first stall that I went to and it was the first stall to receive my money! I bought the Feline Meow sweater you can see above from this stall - a quirky spin on designer brand Celine. I really liked the stall, it was stuffed to the brim with the essence of quirky, from shirts to fun tees and jumpers. The jumper was £20, which, I didn't think was too crazy and even if it was I don't care because it was worth every penny - I love it to bits. What was even more exciting was when I got home I realised that Vulgar Sheffield was on ASOS Marketplace and I've had a browse and I want it all please! (Check out Vulgar Sheffield here). After a couple hours of browsing thoroughly, I came across an urban vintage stall where I bought the necklace above for only £6 - which I thought was a pretty good price for a sturdy, one of a kind sort of buy. My next buy was Elemis skin glow face wash which was for the Momma bear for Christmas (shh)..
  In-between the purchasing I came across the car I want and need for a few months' time when I'm lucky enough to finally (and legally) be allowed behind the wheel. The driving age in the UK is seventeen and my birthday is fast approaching with only 8 weeks left to go.

Finally, to round off an amazing day full of fashion, beauty and bargain buys I met Peter Andre. Peter was absolutely lovely and signed the perfume my Mum bought and posed for a quick picture. Although the meeting was fleeting (unintentional rhythmical flow there), Peter really was what you see on TV - a genuine, funny and happy guy with a supportive team of PR and friends travelling with him.

So that's the Clothes Show summed up in just two blog posts. I'd like to say a massive thank you to GoodResults PR for the Press pass, enabling me to attend and experience the Clothes Show for the very first time. I would really recommend going next year if you haven't already been - an awesome show and great for some early Christmas treats and shopping!


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