Saturday, 7 December 2013

Fashion at your fingertips

As much as some of us wish that it wasn't, technology is a massive part of our everyday lives. For me personally technology is a massive part of my life, to the point that if someone were to strip me of it I think I'd go into a psychological panic. I depend on technology for most things during the day, contacting friends and family, social networking, taking photos, listening to music, watching films, blogging, shopping - the list is quite literally endless. Through the huge use of technology during our day-to-day lives, more and more of us are carrying around these technological devices everywhere we go. While some people would consider this to be a little sad and to reflect what society has become nowadays etc, it's a fact that you've just got to recognise! There is no escaping technology. So, there comes the time where fashion links with technology. Some of us use our phones so much that they're literally a permanent accessory in our hands - we can't put them down! Back in July this year, supermodel Kate Moss acknowledged this fact and put together her very own fashion phone case line. When the news broke the thought that crossed my mind was  - 'about time!'.
  Kate Moss recognised the gap in the market for fashionable phone cases. Due to so many of us carrying around our phones, they become an accessory to our outfit. However, with few phone cases out there that are versatile enough to match every outfit we own, Moss created what she thought included versatile and fashionable phone cases - I agree. This post isn't a dedication to Kate Moss's phone cases, although I do love Kate Moss and could easily devote a whole blog post to her, it's indeed dedicated to the recent partnership of technology and fashion.
  Ever since I brought my iPhone last year it has very rarely been dressed without a case. I treat my iPhone a little like I treated my Barbie and Brats dolls when I was a child, I dress it up in pretty, new phone cases (or clothes in the dolls' case) every so often. Although I love the look of my phone without a case on, it is very risky as with one accidental drop, the delicate little specimen would be shattered and smashed into smithereens. I lived my life on the edge for a month or so, carrying around my phone without a phone case but there came the point where a) I was severely bored with its bare appearance and b) I stumbled across a phone case that I simply just had to have.

Now that you've seen the case you might just understand why I had to have it - as you can see, it's adorable. Who doesn't love a good teddy bear? I found the case when on the hunt for some Christmas presents in Topshop and accidentally found it and bought it shortly after, for myself of course. The case was £8 and the way I saw the purchase was the way that I view every piece of clothing I buy - a fashion investment. Some of you may think that I'm crazy, maybe I am, but a phone case should be versatile, fashionable and fun just like your clothes. I loved the way that this phone case was dressed head-to-toe in teddy bears - Winter is loving teddy bears at the moment with all our coats, jumpers, scarves and hats being coated in teddy bear fur! It was a subtle fashion addition to my outfit but this phone case, if considered logically, is in fact a fashion item.
  Kate Moss was right, why shouldn't our phones be just as well accessorised? They should be versatile, match our outfits and be stylish. With technology growing more and more it's almost inevitable that in the near future, as scary as it may be, technology will become even more involved in our lives. With my phone constantly in my hand I want my phone to look just as presentable as the bag over my shoulder, for it to match my accessories and partner them well. Our phones/ipads/tablets/kindles are quite literally a part of our lives and part of our outfits too - they're fashion at our fingertips.

View the Kate Moss Collection here

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