Tuesday, 3 December 2013

'I wish it could be Christmas every day'

To say that I'm excited about it finally being December would be an understatement. Firstly, where the heck has 2013 gone? It seems like only the other day I said hello to January - time really does fly when you're having fun. Before I slip into some nostalgic post I'll get back on topic…Christmas!
  On Sunday we all said hello to December 1st. While this felt a little bit odd and thoughts such as 'how can it be December already?' were whizzing through everyone's minds, I also felt that it was about time December came! I love December, the crisp and cosy weather - and images of fires, marshmallows, candles and mince pies circle around my brain. Sunday was also the time when I put up my Christmas decorations - very exciting and very fun and cute, as my family gets together and spends some time together joyfully prancing around decorating the house. In the spirit of Christmas, my sister and I decided to do some baking - Peanut butter cookies and gingerbread men! As a result of all this Christmas spirit and general December-themed happenings, in this blog post I thought I would share some pictures I took on Sunday and spread the Christmas spirit as it were…
 First I started with the decorations and then, full of the Christmas vibe, I was inspired to create the peanut butter cookies (which were, in theory, supposed to be gingerbread men but I soon realised that there was no ginger in the house apart from the hair on my head)..Peanut butter cookies were relatively creative though?

You can find the recipe for these delicious Peanut Butter Cookies in The Hummingbird Bakery Recipe Book - full of many more delicious treats! 

I altered the recipe for the cookies slightly by cutting out the chocolate…big mistake. Although the cookies were delicious the addition of chocolate would've made them that bit better.

My shameless attempt to make shapes - once in the oven they expanded about 100 times and lost their 'shapes'.

The finished cookies were a little crisp, but although they might not be picturesque they were so tasty..I ate so many I'm practically 100 pounds heavier - all part of Christmas though!
  Later this week I will popping down to Birmingham for the Clothes Show Live. I am lucky enough to attend as part of the press team and can't wait for the show. I'll obviously be blogging all about it so keep your eyes peeled and maybe see you there?


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