Sunday, 1 December 2013

Review / The Body Shop Born Lippy

Body Shop / Born Lippy / (click here to buy)

Confession time…These lip balms are the first products that I have ever brought from the Body Shop. It's not that Ive been avoiding the Body Shop in any way, I have literally never known where to begin in there. Instantly, as you walk into the Body Shop you get a sensual delight as you smell all the glorious natural products. Scented delightfully and made carefully and with thought, each product is individually unique and appealing for buyers. Hence, every time I walked into the Body Shop, I would leave empty handed. Why? Too much choice! Yes, I'm one of the indecisive annoyances. However, I took the plunge and started small and bought these 'lippies'.
   The first thing that I was originally hesitant about was their bright and vivid colours - especially the pink and purple - they're practically dazzling! Obviously you don't want a highly pigmented lip balm as it's something you want to whack onto your lips for instant hydration and moisture in the colder climate! I was really pleasantly surprised that when I applied the lip balms they were in fact sheer and there was hardly any hint of colour on my lips. This is perfect for me because I rarely ever leave the house without some form of lip stick on my lips so a tinted lip balm wasn't really what I was after!
  The lip balms flavours that I chose were; raspberry frambose, passion berry and watermelon pasteque. I chose these flavours purely because they sounded delicious and all a bit different from the other. My favourite scented lip balm is probably raspberry frambose because it's sweet without being overly scented. Personally watermelon patesque is a little too sickly smelling for me but I know that plenty of other people are in love with the scent so it's obviously a personal preference! One thing that I absolutely love about these lippies is their price, at £2 they're cheap and affordable. I find the lip balms nourishing and hydrating but not that long lasting. Their texture, once on your lips is quite oily, it coats your lips with a realitively thick layer of balm and hydrates them for about an hour or so. You do have to keep re-applying for constant hydration and nourishment.
  The packaging on the lip balms is simple and practical and you're given a decent amount of product, 10ml, which will last you a while as you only need a small amount of product each time. Overall I think these lip balms are great value for money and would definitely recommend them to anyone on the look out for a cheap, moisturising lip balm!


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