Sunday, 8 December 2013

Smitten in My New Mitten(s)

So, I tried to be clever and creative with the title - you can't blame a girl for trying. Apologies for any cringeworthy element there but it was a spur of the moment title. But, if you like the title - hello friend.
  So, recently I went ice skating in Cardiff's very own Winter Wonderland. First of all let me start by saying that Winter Wonderland is probably one of my favourite places of all time. As a little kid I wish I'd visited Winter Wonderland, because it's like the Christmas equivalent of Disney Land and for any child with an imagination, I'm sure it would get them very excited. Bursting with rides, Christmas jumpers, cinnamon and Christmas air, Winter Wonderland makes me smile like a Cheshire Cat. I'll admit, I was a little bit too busy enjoying my visit to really have time to take pictures but I did manage one quick photo…

If that's not Christmassy then I don't know what is. No amount of words or pictures will ever do the place justice though, so seriously, head on down there - hop in a car/ train/ bus and visit it with friends & family..(nope, this is not promotional work, I'm not in any way paid to be saying all this - I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart believe that you should go and experience Christmas itself. Amen. God bless).
  Anyway, back to the story. I was out with some friends and we decided, while we were there in Winter Wonderland, why not go ice skating? The emphasis on this question should really be the 'not' part because to say that I am like Bambi on ice would be highly complimentary - Bambi actually manages moments of upright standing. I, on the other hand, cannot stay vertical for more than about a second. I think it would be safe to say that I was pretty much petrified and planning an ice skating trip again will not be on the cards anytime soon. However, there was one piece of clothing that I was so grateful for and, had I been without it I would probably have no fingers left due to severe frostbite and minus conditions.

A few minutes before we were due to hit the ice I realised that I was missing one of the most essential pieces of clothing for ice skating - gloves. Gloves are essential for the possibility of falling on your hands and they prevent your hands coming in contact with the severe cold ice. In a hurry we then hit the shops to go on a quick search for some gloves. With only £2 in my pocket I needed super-budget gloves that would keep my hands warm and safe from the ice - that's where my good ol' friend Primark came to the rescue. Even though I knew that Primark was pretty good for a bargain buy, I never thought that in reality I would be able to find a pair of gloves cheap enough to be £2. In fact, they even had a set of plain gloves for £1 but I fell in love with these mittens too much to just leave them without a home. Coming in a variety of different animals, these mittens seemed like the best buy. I chose the penguins in the spirit of Christmas (think North Pole) and decided to adopt them for the small price of £2 and give them a home.
  When I finally put those skates on - sharp and lethal, I panicked more and more that I might be involved in an accident on the ice - after all Bambi would look like a pro on the ice compared to me. Courageously I ventured forth onto the ice and after falling over a grand total of 6 times, each time flat on my back, there was one thing that I was truly thankful for - my brand new mittens, keeping my hands nice and warm when they plummeted to the floor each time I fell….


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