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1st Birthday, 2013 Reminiscing & New Year's Resolutions

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At exactly a few minutes before the clock struck midnight on 31st December 2013, this little blog of mine turned one years of age. In some ways this is a little unbelievable, I can't quite believe how much has changed in one year. When I first started my blog back in 2012, I never thought that it would bring me so many opportunities and I wasn't even sure if I'd enjoy it that much. It's funny to think, looking back on last year's New Year's Eve that this blog was my New Year's Resolution - to start a fashion blog. Gradually my blog found its feet, I found my own style and found what I really loved writing about. Initially, I Blog The Fashion was going to be solely about fashion - trends/wish lists etc. But I realised, as much as I enjoyed writing about fashion, beauty and lifestyle were also interests of mine and I equally enjoyed writing about them.
  On Christmas day, sitting around the table, my Nana presented me with a scroll. Yes, a scroll, tied with ribbon and everything. After I'd gone past the initial confusion of why I'd just been handed a mysterious scroll and actually unravelled it, my face grew a smile. My Nan had listed all my 2013 achievements - my blog being one of them and the awards and opportunities that I've been blessed to have been given through writing on this very site. There have been so many highlights of 2013; winning Company Magazine's award for Best Teen Fashion Blogger was probably one of the biggest highlights of my year, but meeting Peter Andre and getting invited to exclusive events as 'Press' has also been surreal and amazing. If I were to wrap 2013 up in a nutshell? It was one of the best years of my life. 2013 taught me that if you work hard at something and put your heart and soul into it - you can make something happen. Now, before I turn all cringey I thought I'd share with you some of my 2014 New Year's they go..

1. Eat healthy (no chocolate) - Hmmm, so I may have had a McDonald's on the first day of the New Year but so far chocolate hasn't been eaten! As part of the New Year I want to give my body a bit of a detox and cut out the unhealthy stuff. Although I did break my resolution on New Year's Day technically, I will allow myself to have some 'off-days' where treats will be allowed. This year I'm listening to my body and replacing the sweets and chocolates with fruity goodies….at least I hope..
2. Get more sleep - Going to bed well after midnight has become a strange and un-rewarding habit of mine, whether I'm scrolling through twitter feeds, talking to my friends or even blogging, sleep (a.k.a 'beauty sleep') really is needed this year - the racoon baggy eyes are not one of my best looks.
3. Be more punctual - There's a thing called being 'fashionably late', well, I push the boundaries on this saying. For those who know me, being punctual is not one of my greatest achievements, in fact, if I am 'on-time' for something, it's quite often a pure fluke/accidental coincidence. I am unforgivably late for things - college/meeting up with friends/events, whatever the occasion, I'll be late. Being punctual is my main 2014 goal - so far so good..let's just hope it stays that way.
4. Complain less - Yep, I'm guilty of a good ol' winge and moan now and then and quite frankly I'm irritating myself - it has to stop. Complain less, Holly, thanks.
5. Save money when I can - I'm a spender. Never in my life have a saved, never. 2014 might be the year to change that, we'll just have to wait and see..

So, what's in store for my blog this year? Honestly, who knows? When I started up my blog last New Year's Eve, I wouldn't have believed anyone if they'd told me what doors it's opened for me. So much happened within the space of a year, I couldn't possibly predict the future. All I know is that I'm sticking around for a while, you'll not be getting rid of me anytime soon…Welcome to another year of random ramblings - 2014, let's hope you're a good one.


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  1. congratulations on everything you've achieved with your blog in 2013! it's amazing! xxx


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