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2013 / My Top Ten Favourite Bloggers

There's nothing I love more than filling up my spare time scrolling through someone else's blog. Before I started up my own blog I did my fair share of blog reading, however, since creating my own blog I read even more blogs than before. Reading blogs is like an addiction; I love everything about them from the photos to the actual post content itself. Not only is it just a leisure thing for me to read blogs but I also find it incredibly inspiring to keep up my own blog and continue my efforts. Of course, I read so many blogs I couldn't possibly stuff them all into one blog post - that's why I've selected my favourite fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs and put them all together into this post - they're definitely worth a read. 
PS: They're not in any particular order, just randomly placed on a list! 

Lily Pebbles - - from life tips to fashion and beauty picks (not an intentional rhyme), Lily’s blog is a regular stream of cool posts!

Lily Melrose - - Lily’s blog is full of her OOTD’s and I love it. OOTD’s are amazing because not only do you get a daily source of fashion, you can get so inspired by other blogger’s looks and outfits and gain ideas! Lily’s blog also covers beauty and lifestyle – what more could you want from a blog?

Makeup Savvy – – its title speaks the truth, this is one savvy makeup blog. One of my newer additions on my Blogroll but awesome all the same.

Hello October – – Ranging from outfit posts to lifestyle and beauty, Hello October is a refreshing and inspiring blog with awesome pictures (I really am a sucker for good pictures – they complete a post!).

In The Frow – – I started reading Victoria’s blog back in May, which seems like so long ago, when I was at the Style Blogger Awards and she won a Style Blogger Award - in fact I read nearly all the bloggers' blogs who were at the awards! I love her blog for the constant stream of posts – she posts as often as I wish I could! Her blog is an inspiration, filled with fashion pics and beauty products that are ‘must-haves’.

A Model Recommends – One of my all time favourite blogs is this one right here! I love the mixture of lifestyle thrown in with the main beauty content. When it comes to the world of beauty, bloggers' recommendations mean a lot – very few are actually paid for what to say when it comes to a review and A Model Recommends is a trustworthy source recommending only the best of the products out there.

Sparkly Vodka – – I’m in love with the beauty pictures in Sparkly Vodka’s posts. Sparkly Vodka is the kind of blog that I turn to when I’m in need of a few more beauty products but don’t know where to start!

Viva Tramp – – This blog is a little different from the other blogs on my blogroll but it’s one of those comfort reads? By that I mean I find it relaxing to just scroll through Bee’s blog and see what books she has been adoring. I’d like to think I’m tuned into my literary side being an English student and this blog is ever so helpful when it comes to finding new reads! 

Who What Wear – – This blog is one of my favourite fashion blogs of all time, it literally covers all aspects of fashion. Ranging from Celeb looks to bloggers' style, it is my morning fashion fix!

Fit Sugar  - - as part of my New Year’s Resolution being to eat ‘healthy’ and all that, I thought it was only right to throw in a fitness blog. This blog has everything I need from healthy snacks to tips on getting a better night’s sleep – perfect!)

Voila, there are my top 10 bloggers of 2013. Who knows what blogs I’ll discover this year? What were your favourite blogs of 2013?


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  1. Love reading these kind of posts so that I can find new blogs to read! Reading other blogs definitely helps to get inspiration for my own too!
    Emma xx


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