Monday, 6 January 2014

Topshop Sale Favourites

Unfortunately, I am stuck in a 'save-or-die' situation so no luxury splurges are on the cards for me..However, that doesn't stop me browsing a little (or a lot). I've collaged together a few of my sale favourites from some of my favourite high street stores! (aaah, this post was not a good idea, I am seriously tempted…)

1. Mesh Panel Ponte Leggings £25 NOW £15 - These leggings will go down well with some of you but not so well with others - they're definitely a love/hate item. I love them because they're edgy and daring. They show a little bit of flesh, so be daring girls and snap up these bargainous pair of leggings!
2. AEON Neoprene Chelsea Boots £78 NOW £40 - Strangely, while browsing the depths of the Topshop website, without intentions of being practical, I somehow managed to find the perfect pair of boots for myself…which is super-duper if it wasn't for the fact that I have no money. So, while I wallow and cry myself to sleep that I won't actually be buying these shoes which have been enormously reduced, I would like to think some of you will buy them and give them an awesome home. They're simple but versatile with pretty much any Winter outfit and would even be perfect well into the Spring season.
3. Shorter Turn Up Beanie £10 NOW £3 - There's not a lot a human being can buy much for just a mere £3 which makes this green beanie an even better bargain. Beanies are all the rage at the moment, in fact, if you don't have one - why? They're an absolute must. I love the simplicity of this beanie, no slogans or logos plastered on the front but it's simple and versatile while keeping the cold out!
4. Smart Croc Crossbody Bag £28 NOW £14 - Simple, cute and small, this croc bag would add a touch of elegance to any Winter outfit. Grab the croc skin before we wave goodbye to it - who knows what Spring trends hold? Hold this bag by its handle for a dainty accessory or use it as a practical, sturdy bag to hold your everyday essentials.
5. Boston Puppy Boypants £4 NOW £2 - Aww, I love a little puppy - there's something ridiculously cute about a puppy on a pair of knickers..or maybe that's just me. Who can deny this little pups face? Not me, well I can because I've got no money, so no puppy boypants for me..even if they only cost £2.

There you have it - my Topshop sale favourites collaged in one blog post!


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  1. I really love the colour of the beanie. I have loads of things on my wish list at the moment but I'm trying to save my money and not buy too many unnecessary things! So I feel your pain :(


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