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After making a minor disappearing act for about a week, I was overcoming a literary illness, also known as - writer's block. Before the New Year and Christmas' spending sprees, I'd become accustomed to writing up reviews about my latest beauty purchases. Although that was fun and I loved reviewing the things that I'd just bought, I was a little out of practise at writing about what I love the most - fashion. You'll be pleased to know that I wasn't just sitting around on my backside taking a nice old break from writing, I was racking my brains and trying to come up with a blog schedule so that I'll be blogging more frequently. I've never really wanted to just write up a post without putting much thought into it, believe it or not my posts take a good couple of hours to put together, proof read and edit. That's why I took a break from it all when the curse of writer's block came about. Thankfully I've re-gained inspiration and got some of my writing flow back. I've now discovered that creativity can come at the most random moments and I'm now punching away at the keys at an absurd hour…anyhow - away I go with my rambles and rants..
  Instagram - by now if you haven't heard of it you'll need to get your head out of the sand and say hello to the 21st century..Instagram forms a major part of our lives, similarly does Twitter, Facebook etc. There's really no escaping social networking nowadays, it forms our lives. Personally, without the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I wouldn't have got to know people as quickly as I have. It enables you to stay connected with people and get a sneaky insight into their everyday lives without being an actual stalker. While social platforms are all different and unique in one way, they all serve a common purpose - sharing bits of your lives with multiple people all in one place. With all this sharing, liking, commenting and posting, there does come a point where you forget about the real world that we all used to live in. Gone are the days of letter writing - to be honest, if someone wrote me a handwritten letter I would be close to having a fit. In fact, I have never received a letter from someone other than my grandparents and even now that's rare because my Grandma currently has the latest blackberry from which she sends me regular texts to check up on me.
  Before I go off on a complete irrelevant tangent (once again), I'll re-focus my post a little, dedicating it purely to Instagram. What spurred on a blog post dedicated to Instagram? - well I'll tell you. After Christmas everyone gets a little bit anti-food, in fact, the majority of us kind of loathe it because it's the cause of our little seasonal Santa stomach that bulges over the top of our once-perfectly-fitting jeans. As a result nations of people put together the same New Year's Resolution - lose the Christmas flubber / get fit / eat healthy. I for one am guilty of all three of those resolutions. I'd like to think that I've stuck to my word and I have in fact been going on daily walks, doing a spot of yoga and cutting out the majority of the junk food that once used to live in my cupboards. I have even lost the small amount of Christmas weight that I put on. I'll even go as far as saying that I had regained the confidence to step out in those flesh-baring crop tops that every season now seems to love. However, my confidence was soon slashed one lazy afternoon when I was sitting down and scrolling through my Instagram feed. Although I personally don't post that many pictures on my personal Instagram, lots of the celebrities I follow provide me with a constant stream of their everyday lives. From pictures of the amazingly healthy food they eat, them working out at the gym while still looking flawless and a glorious 'selfie' of them in the mirror looking the size of a teaspoon around the waist. It doesn't take an awful lot of scrolling to feel a little bit sad or guilty as you gaze at the empty bowl of pie you've just eaten while looking at their plates of red berries. It also doesn't take a lot for you to soon feel like a failure when their bodies look a gazzilion times better than yours (in your opinion, anyway). Like it or not, we are all guilty of self-comparision, whether you compare yourself to the A-listers on Instagram or your best mate - it's inescapable. But, it dawned on me, the habit of self-judgement and comparing is now bigger than it ever was because we can directly compare ourselves easier than ever before with just a simple tap on our phone screens onto the app we call 'Instagram'.
  Here are just some examples that I've whipped off my Instagram feed of what makes me happy and depressed all at the same time;

Kylie Jenner's new hair is literally my new obsession right now. When I heard that she'd cut her long, amazing hair off, I'm not going to lie, I initially gasped in horror. That was before I saw what it looked like. Kylie's new hair is my hairspiration at the moment and although I'd never pluck up the courage to ever cut my hair again after chopping off chunks of my hair a few years ago, I love to see people embrace their new hair. If it's not Kylie's hair I envy, it's her amazing figure - to die for.

Kendall Jenner…where to start…For one she is amazing and secondly where are her flaws - seriously? The envy of most teenage girls today for stealing their main man, Harry Styles, you'd really struggle to send Kendall any kind of hate mail. Kendall is gorgeous and is probably the next big thing to hit our fashion magazines, campaigns and catwalks in my opinion. Although I love Kendall her constant stream of work out pictures do leave me feeling a little bit guilty when I'm lounging around in my joggers. But, there's nothing like a bit of visual motivation I she is with a bunch of mates on one of her hikes.. *sigh*...

Queen B - sorry what baby? Have you seen that figure?!

baggalriri, a.k.a Rihanna, is also another Instgram envy of mine. While I'm not a fan of all the practical drug promotion on her page with her smoking cigarettes/ god knows what else, Rihanna is not only a body inspiration but also more of a fashion inspiration for me. I love Rihanna's style and her River Island campaigns have been one of my favourite lines of clothing that I've ever seen. Her style is edgy and unique and her pictures always make me want her clothes. ironically, she's not wearing much more than  a pair of knickers in this snapshot but like I said, it was taken off my most recent Instagram feed - a random pick basically.

To conclude this long ramble, we live in a world where self-adororation is becoming acceptable - flaunting your body or posing in a mirror, the saying 'act natural' has never been more ironic. We also live in a world where comparing yourself to others is an increasing problem…I'm not a qualified motivational speaker with some moral message but I will say this - don't be so hard on yourself the next time you envy someone on Instagram. What was once a private pose in the mirror is now a likeable picture for everyone and their cat to see. There's no changing the universe though so you might as well go along with the flow - accept that Rihanna's Rihanna (or Beyonce, or whoever you want to be right now), you won't get her exact looks, her exact body - that's hers and hers to keep. You can only take her body as a motivational target, make your own goals and make them achievable for you.
  As it's #SelfieSunday your Instagram feed will undoubtedly be stuffed with more poses than any other average day…so, what are you waiting for? Strike a pose.

Even I'm guilty of a selfie here and there…here's me and my lovely pooch, Teddy. Hope you're having an awesome weekend and enjoying #SelfieSunday!


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