Wednesday, 5 March 2014

S/S14 LOVE Magazine Review - Issue 11

I love discovering new things - perhaps these 'new' things aren't necessarily new, but they will be new to me. There's always a certain element of excitement that bubbles within me when I discover something new. Maybe that something new is a cool new blog, a new designer or hmm, I don't know - LOVE magazine? LOVE magazine isn't stocked in my local shop down the be honest, not much is in terms of fashion masterpieces, you'll find an odd loaf of bread and a couple of eggs, thrown in with a copy of the local village paper perhaps but not LOVE magazine. And if there's one thing that's for sure, I was seriously missing out when I didn't have my mitts on this magazine. Why do I LOVE it so much? (too cliched? Sorry, I'll stop there)…Seriously though, you just have to look at the few images I took of a random selection of my favourite pages from the new LOVE issue to realise why I'm currently obsessed with it...

Page 240-41 Photography by David Hughes  

 Page 254, Sky Ferreira by Petra Collins 

Miley Cyrus, Page 308-17, Photography by David Sims

 Page 322-23 / Juergen Shoots Lily at Ur's exhibition 

Page 332-33 

 Page 350-51

 Page 352-53 Photography by Tim Walker

Page 362-63   

 Photography by David Sims 

Page 162-64 / Molly Goddard / Fashion Designer 

Above there are some snapshots of some of my favourite parts of the magazine but this magazine is like your S/S14 bible - seriously, you should worship it. The magazine is overflowing with beautiful, artistic, creative and eye-catching fashion photography - showcasing some truly inspirational photographers' works of near masterpiece. We're always told to 'never judge a book by its cover', well guilty as charged because I'm forever doing that - a cover matters. That phrase applies to magazines as well and while I'm desperately trying to not be so judgemental..I can't help it. However, this magazine does not disappoint, in fact, it was its cover that I was immediately drawn to. The LOVE logo, re-designed by Isamaya Ffrench is absolutely awesome and reminds me of the essence of what Spring and Summer is about - ice cream! The lettering oozes and drips, similar to a delightful, handheld 99 cone that I hold on a summer's day lounging by a pool somewhere where its nice and hot. This colour burst is kept consistent throughout the issue and successfully manages to keep the inspired reader gripping onto its luxuriously thick and silky pages. That's an additional thing that I love about the magazine, the pages. A bog-standard magazine that you find on any old news stand will present you with thin, limp, almost non-existent paper which displays advertisements and articles that you read obediently. However, who can deny that if the paper was more appealing, that amazing article you just read would be 100 times better? Maybe that's just me but the paper in this delightful 'mag' is top-notch - in fact, it deserves the Oscar that poor old Leo DiCaprio never won.
  It's not just the visuals that make me fall in love with fashion and this magazine a thousand times, the articles are just as inspiring. Showcasing some fresh new talent from actors, designers, models, illustrators, artists and so much more, Molly Goddard (shown above) is an example of some of the amazing talent that this magazine has helped to recognise. Molly Goddard's designs are awesome. After being intrigued to find out more about her and a few other fresh new faces of talent, I used our old friend 'Google' to assist me on the job - he didn't disappoint. Goddard's designs are super cool, I recommend you check them out here - I loved them! The magazine also gives its people what they want - Miley Cyrus. Whether you love or hate her, you should certainly give controversial figure Cyrus a chance for her to show you what she's made of. Intelligent and insightful, the interview doesn't disappoint. Although I was a kid when 'Hannah Montana' was one of the most popular tv shows around (including mine at the time), I've grown up, so why isn't she allowed to? I think you'll find that Miley's clever approach to maturity and making a successful transitional change away from Disney has been as successful as she'd of hoped - grabbing spots on magazines like LOVE.
  To draw this glowing review to a close, I really couldn't have asked for a better magazine for the small price of £6.00. Although you may be tutting and shaking your head in disbelief at the hefty price tag compared to most other magazines, firstly, I want you to take a look at the amount of pages of pure genius this magazine has - more like a book I think you'll find. Secondly, it's a small price to pay if you want a magazine that will give you creative stimulation both in the context of fashion and artistically. I really don't think I can stress enough just how much I LOVE this magazine.. but I hope I gave it a damn good try!


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