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Coachella 2014 / Get The Look & Fashion Favourites

COACHELLA! Yes, the caps lock was completely necessary because right now I am obsessed with the Californian festival, that is, Coachella. If you don't know what Coachella is, do me a favour, open a tab and tap it into your preferred web browser - Google proves to be popular and from there may you be introduced into another festival world. Coachella is literally the only music festival that I crave to go to. However, there is one problem, the large mass of sea that divides me and the USA. This means making an appearance at such a festival would be both insanely costly and impractical because I'm a student sitting exams really, really soon…so sadly the road trip wasn't exactly on the cards.
  The festival is still ongoing but while the atmosphere, hot weather and of course the music would all be part of the Coachella experience, I'm more interested in another thing - the fashion. I've been gathering together some of my celeb favourite festival looks and I've got to say - Vanessa Hudgens is KILLING IT. Although all outfits have been pretty daring and outrageous, Vanessa Hudgens' bohemian-inpsired festival looks are knocking it out the park for me and if you haven't already seen her fashion choices - feast your eyes upon these pictures!

Vanessa has a place in everyone's heart; boys secretly love her and girls want to be her - I want her clothes. From accessories to the outfit itself, Vanessa's outfit is on point - she's well and truly nailed the Bohemian-chic look. Kimonos have been on the fashion rails for a few seasons now and get ready to wear them now more than ever, especially if you're heading off to an upcoming festival. Kimonos are perfect for adding instant style to even the simplest outfits, they add an injection of colour and an element of movement and grace. To get Vanessa's look, stack your fingers with jewellery, your wrists with bangles, your ears with big, dangly earrings and get your paws on some head jewellery.

Take a fashion tip from Vanessa Hudgens and accessorise with a fan this festival season - keeping you cool and keeping it edgy.

The simplicity of these outfits is half their charm. My favourite is the one above which is accessorised interestingly by bringing back the 'disc belt'. By wearing it,Vanessa Hudgens should've committed a major fashion 'no-no'. For those of you who are too young to remember the disc belt, well, that sort of makes two of us..I remember the disc belt but I never had the privilege to own one myself. Even the biggest style Queens out there wouldn't really dream of bringing the disc belt back because quite frankly it dangerously verges on being a major fashion cringe, however, Vanessa really shows you how a disc belt is just as cool as your bog-standard belt. In fact, it is partly what makes this outfit such a success. The bold disc belt is one major accessory here adding not only a bit of bohemian-jewel into the mix but also adding new dimensions (literally) with the circular formation and nature of the belt. Because I like this outfit so much I put together a 'Get The Look', collaging together some similar items that would re-create a similar look to Vanessa's. 

Of course, Vanesa Hudgens wasn't the only celeb whose style I've been stalking..here are just a few more -pictures of my favourite outfits.

Beyonce and Jay-Z = Coolest couple on earth. I love Bey's outfit and appreciate Jay-Z's bandanna accessorising - edgy Jay. I loved Beyonce's outfit so much that I put together a 'Get The Look' so that you can steal Bey's style from head-to-toe.

Who's a Pretty Little Liars fan? Well I certainly am and whether it's on screen or off-screen, the PLL cast have awesome and personal to them style. Ashley is rocking a more gothic edge, Shay a floral, matching two piece and Troian a simple leotard-style top and denim shorts! These girls have a nice, 'girl-next-door' style.

Ok, so maybe this isn't really a style picture but I love this group selfie of some of the girls at Coachella including Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez.

Kendall has been a little bit slated for her daring outfits at Coachella but I absolutely love Kendall's new daring and edgy twist on her style. This outfit is quite gothic head-to-toe with the black lace draping and trailing behind her with this oversized-style Kimono.

The daring side of Kendall has been unleashed and this large nose piece accessory is an example of that. Love it or hate it, that's up to you but ask yourself this question - could you pull off such an extravagant ring attached to your nose? Ermm...I couldn't - thumbs up from me Kendall.

So apparently Selena and Kylie are new BFF's..Maybe this is a fleeting friendship or the start of something truly beautiful - personally, I care more about their style which is unique, different and I really love it. Starting with Miss Jenner, her oversized t-shirt paired with a bum bag or 'fanny pack' (as you lovely American readers call them) make Kylie's outfit typical 'festival-attire'. Selena's outfit is my favourite of the two, wearing a lace dress over that typical festival attire of shorts and a crop top. Selena's outfit is edgy and puts a spin on the typical festival outfit.

Kendall is having fun with her more normal festival attire. I love her overcoat here adding a bit of a party spirit as it clearly has a life of its own. Take a fashion tip from Kendall and snap up a sleeveless jacket/coat for this S/S14 because they're major this season!

Alexa Chung rocked up to Coachella looking casual but fashion forward with an interesting leopard coat in hand, a lace, long-sleeve crop top, converse which serve a place in everyone's heart and wardrobe and a mini denim skirt.

1. Matalan Print Coat £24 / 2. Boohoo.com Sienna Long Sleeve Lace Crop Top £12 / 3. Schuh Black Converse £45 / 4. Tommy Hilfiger Sophie Mini Denim Skirt £42.50 

Cara D and model chums show a variety of festival styles. Cara sporting a tomboy look with a snapback, trousers and a casual tee, paired with a quirky pose to the camera. Her model friends sporting kimonos, biker jackets and denim shorts - great for some fashion festival inspo!

Hilary Duff has been on our fashion radar since those Lizzie McGuire days but Hilary's style is now better than ever. I love this festival look as it's effortless and fairly simplistic but she adds her own edge to the typical festival look. Similar to Mrs Carter's look above, Hilary has paired her shorts with a wrapped around denim short and gone for a stylish sun hat to complete the look and some practical boots for standing around and walking! I love it Hil!

Diana's outfit is fun and a colour burst - matching crop and bottoms whether it's shorts or a skirt is really in this S/S14.

Are you going to a festival this year? Why not take some fashion-inspo from these festival outfits and start planning now!


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