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5 Products For Growing Long, Healthy Hair!

A few years ago, in an act of impulse and with a streak of the fearless teenager, I took the plunge to chop off about 7 inches of my long, shiny hair. Shortly after I this drastic makeover had taken place I cried myself to sleep, tears welled in my eyes every time I looked at myself in the mirror and whenever I brushed my hair I searched for the 7 inches of missing hair. Needless to say I regretted my decision as soon as the scissors made contact with my hair. However, it was too late, I'd lost my long hair that everyone loved (a comment that I still remember soon after I had my haircut, 'Oh you cut your hair? Well that was a massive mistake wasn't it.' - yep, cheers for that..) While wallowing with the occasional crying session as I mourned my lost hair practically every day, I started researching methods and ways for 'Quick Hair Growth'. Punching every possible key search for 'hair growth' into beloved Google, I soon discovered that the tragic truth was having to grow my hair the long way - naturally. 
During this process I tried countless products to help speed up this lengthy process - I had at least 7 inches of hair growth to go, so this was no overnight occurrence! Sadly, the acclaimed 'hair growth' agents in all these expensive products didn't work one bit - I saw no change in my hair growth over a period of several months...Oh, and I also vowed for at least another year that I would never visit another hairdresser in my life again - as far as I was concerned hairdressers were the last people that I wanted to see after my tragic experience. Sure, I may sound melodramatic, it's only hair, but the fact is this haircut had dashed my young fragile teenage confidence dramatically and I needed my hair back asap. Because I had dealt with the fact that growing my hair out was going to take at least a year, I knew that because I wasn't going to be going for the recommended 'trims', I was going to need to ensure that my hair was going to remain healthy - I had to dodge the dreaded split-ends! However, there was only one problem - finding these miraculous products that would help me fight the split-ends. After experimenting with possibly every product out there, two years later I have found my haircare answers! Since the hair chopping incident I have only been to the hairdresser's a couple times in a year - trims really aren't that necessary when you have the products that prevent split ends! 
I've noticed recently that a lot of people have been opting for a Kylie Jenner-style hair cut or just generally going for a dramatic hair change..While I'm scrolling through my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed, I'm loving all these haircuts but I'm wondering whether they love their haircuts or whether they mourn their old hair? Some people love shorter hair finding it easier to manage and more 'fun', but some of us are meant to have long hair - you could argue that we hide behind it a little. Whether you're looking to get your old hair back after a chop or just want long, healthy hair, here are my haircare secrets that helped grow my hair out healthily! 

Anti-Frizz By YUKO Leave-In Conditioner $24 *  - I got this product sent to me and have loved it ever since. The product has lasted over a year and I have used it continually - loving it more and more each day. The spray is light and leaves absolutely no residue on your hair. I apply a tablespoon amount onto the ends of my hair and then brush the product through. The spray is heat activated with a mixture of natural oils which not only conditions your hair but will help detangle it after a wash.

Paul Smith Total Treat Argan Oil Cream £2.50 * - I was also sent this Argan Oil Cream last year and have treasured it ever since. After I used up all their Argan Oil product, I came across this cream. The cream is a leave-in product which you apply to the ends of damp hair in a pea-sized amount. Not only is Argan Oil an amazing natural product that will help to condition and nourish your ends but it also leaves your hair feeling silky and looking healthy. Argan Oil (along with Moroccan Oil) were both products that I used devotedly when trying to grow my hair. I found that they really helped prevent split ends by making sure that my ends didn't dry out, by keeping them slightly oiled. When just the right amount of this Argan Oil Cream is applied you can get the perfect balance of healthy looking hair with a silky texture, but too much of the product (like any other nourishing and conditioning product) does make your hair look greasy because it is left with product residue! So small amounts of this Paul Smith Cream work wonders!

Lush H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment £9.50  - Hair masks and treatments like this little gem from Lush are what kept my hair feeling and looking good even at the awkward stages of hair growth. Hair masks are so essential if you really want any chance of banishing split ends. I love this Lush hair treatment particularly because of its natural ingredients. Although I personally don't love the smell (it's got a strong smell that's quite herby), I quickly get over it because the mask really does make a difference to my hair's condition. You apply the conditioner to dry hair and leave it in for minimum of 20 minutes. Although it's advised for at least 20 minutes, I always leave this conditioner on for at least a whole day. This is a perfect treatment for a pamper day or a lazy day where you know you won't be leaving the house! I apply more of the conditioner on the ends of my hair and rub it in slightly to ensure that my ends are deeply conditioned. I use this intensive treatment 2-3 times a week which really helps to keep my hair healthy, avoiding those unwanted dry ends!

TRESemme Split Remedy £5.75 - Obviously, it's in the name, this intensive mask treatment is a split end remedy that will help to improve the look of split ends. Not only is this great for split ends but it's also great for preventing split ends. If my hair is feeling dry I will apply this leave-in conditioner for a few days and will have a noticeably different end result!

Henara Intensive Treatment-Wax £1.98 - This is very rarely seen in drugstores anymore but introduced to the product by my Mum, this has become one of my all-time favourite products. Firstly, have you seen the price tag? This Henara Wax priced at just £1.98 makes me thankful that there are some brands out there that aren't trying to completely rip off their customers. This is an intensive mask that leaves your hair silky smooth and replenished! For best results I will leave this on overnight, wrapped in cling film for further absorption. Get your paws on this Treatment-Wax and you will not regret it!

To summarise, my top tips for healthy, long hair and a for successful hair growth are;
1. Use at least one of the above products
2. Avoid hairdressers at all costs!

Happy hair growing! Let me know what you think of the products or tweet me with hair products that you've been loving at @iblogthefashion.


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