Friday, 30 May 2014

Aurora Designer Fashion

Nearly every girl's fairytale dream is to be a Princess, whether she wears her Mum's jewels pretending that they are Aladdin's secret treasure, steals the clothes in her wardrobe that she thinks look like a Princess gown, or just simply dreams of one day being a Princess. I dream of owning a wardrobe full of expensive clothes. Clothes have always been a weakness for me. If I have money - I spend it - on clothes. I hardly have any money and am currently on the hunt for a job. I'm trying to earn some cash - why? To earn some independence, to attempt to manage my own finances and well, to ensure that when I walk past a window of tempting clothes, I can at least buy something rather than walking away like a sulking child. However, with a job and money,  although I might just be able to afford the odd piece of clothing here and there, my dream of owning luxury items like these Designer beauties is still far from reachable. Aurora, on the other hand, living in her fairytale castle can afford a whole wardrobe full of these carefully crafted items. I've handpicked my favourite Aurora inspired Designer items that I think channel the perfect look of fairytale-chic. 


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  1. The Stella McCartney shorts are gorgeous! So pretty xx


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