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Aurora's Fashion Wish List

Just in case you missed my big announcement yesterday, I revealed that I'm writing for Disney and their brand new Maleficent site! I am excited to say that my first post was published yesterday at:

Aurora, just like other Disney Princesses, has an element of the 'girl-next-door' - every one wants their Prince and it's the 'happily ever after' that makes every girl's heart melt and makes her fantasise about the day that she meets her 'true love'...*sigh*..While I don't have the time or the patience to wait around all day waiting for a dashingly handsome man to come riding on a horse and sweep me up, I browse the internet, looking at clothes I can't afford and fantasise about them instead..To be honest, I think that's just what 21st Century Aurora would do to, so on her behalf I've put together her fashion wish list.

Every Princess' original style takes the form of elaborate, pretty and dainty gowns. Although I'm pretty sure the majority of us would love to pull off a daytime ball gown, the people at the grocery store may look at you sideways if you trotted in looking like you were about to attend the first 21st Century Princess ball. So, to be on the safe side, I've modernised Aurora's look for her - we wouldn't want her to stand out for all the wrong reasons would we?
  Inspired by Elle Fanning's Aurora look in the new Maleficent film, I picked some high-street Spring/Summer items that reflected the whole 'forest' and 'majestical' feeling and vibe that is a theme in the brand new and upcoming Maleficent film. So, here it is!

1. Miss Selfridge Petites Sheer Panel Shirt £28 - This dainty and sophisticated panel shirt would be perfect for Princess Aurora. Inspired by the original Disney motion picture, Sleeping Beauty, I used similar colours to the traditional Aurora look - pinks, blues and purples. Pink is also a major S/S14 colour so fill your wardrobe to the brim!

2. H&M Short Kimono £14.99 - This has the perfect forest feeling making it perfect for our modern day Aurora. Not only would this be the perfect addition for a modern day Aurora, it would also be perfect for any fashionista looking to purchase a fashion investment for the current Spring14. Florals have taken off in a HUGE way this season and they're only going to become more popular. Everyone needs at least a spot of florals in their outfit this Spring/Summer, making this kimono a perfect purchase. Kimonos are also super popular and if you're planning a festival trip for this upcoming Summer they would be the perfect addition to any outfit. They're the essence of Spring and Summer with their light colours and floral prints - you'll be right on trend.

3. Topshop Tropical Print Scrunchie £4 - I'm pretty sure Aurora would fall in love with the return of the scrunchie. We all remember our own scrunchie days, don't we? Mine are filled with memories of pre-school and playground games - oh the happy days. Scrunchies are also super cute, they inject an element of youth into your look but also, if you're not prepared to really invest in a major floral item, add a touch of the popular S/S14 floral trend with a subtle accessory like this scrunchie. The dainty bow on the top of the scrunchie also has a very Disney-esque vibe to it without 'cute-ifying' your look too much. You can be cute and girly without looking like you're trying to return to your Primary school days - take inspiration from Aurora!

4. Topshop Preppy Pink Round Sunglasses £14 - Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. Whether you like them 'celebrity style' and oversized, or simply don't care what shape or size they are, these Round Sunglasses from Topshop will keep the sun out of your eyes, or should I say - Aurora's? These sunglasses will protect Aurora from the blazing light from Maleficent when she's casting her spells, tricks and even transforming, making them the perfect accessory - right?

5. Zara Mini Skirt £29.99 - This would be the perfect daytime look for modern day Aurora. Taking her favourite shade of pink and updating it from gown to mini skirt, this Zara S/S14 item would be a practical yet fashionable daytime skirt. Pairing it with a crop top and a tailored coat (similar to items 7 and 9), Aurora would have a pretty 'n pink look nailed as well as being completely on trend this S/S14.

6. French Connection Ditsy Dorothy Dress £195 - Updating those traditional ball gowns, I found the perfect alternative for Aurora with this French Connection Dorothy Dress. In keeping with the tailored look and the flared out skirt detailing, this 'Dorothy Dress' would be right up Aurora's street. The floral prints also mean that this dress is perfect for you - whether it's a formal occasion or just a smart daytime dress that you're after, this dress nails one of Spring/Summer's most popular patterns this year - florals! With an element of enchantment and a foresty, majestical nature to it, this dress definitely has an touch of fairytale inspiration.

 7. River Island Light Pink Cami Crop Top £10 - This would be the perfect budget buy for Aurora. I wear so much of crop tops whenever the sun decides to make an appearance in the current Spring/Summer months - they're amazing for casual, daytime wear and also literally cool (temperature-wise) making them practical and wearable. The best part about Cami Crop Tops like this is that they're also totally within budget and are inexpensive! The light pink introduces a subtler tone of pink into any outfit which is perfect if you don't want to go totally 'girly' like Aurora with her bolder pink shades.

8. River Island High Waisted Denim Shorts £30 - High-waisted shorts are a must-have buy this upcoming Summer, wearable day-to-day but more importantly they'll be a major investment with the upcoming festival season and beach weather! Available in two of Aurora's favourite shades pink and blue - keep it girly just like Aurora!

9. Zara Drape Neck Coat £79.99 - This is possibly one of my all time favourite items from this Aurora wish list. To me, this Drape Neck Coat is the essence of Aurora and her style, in fact, I can even see it in an animated form in the original Disney picture and could definitely picture modern day Aurora, Elle Fanning, in it. The bold pink and tailored structure of the coat is perfect for the unpredictable Spring weather and will prepare you for any greyer days!

10. Missguided Body Bag in Blue £20 - This bag is a perfect 'on-the-go' kind of bag, petite and small but practical all the same! Aurora could carry all her things in it - who knows, she may even have an iPhone nowadays?

11. Topshop Aloha Floral Backpack £34 - A body bag may be a petite and reasonably sized source of storage but this Aloha Floral Backpack would be the perfect bag if Aurora needed that little bit of extra space. I love this Floral Backpack, not only because of its extra space but because of its tropical themed floral print. It is in keeping with the Aurora-inspired, forest themed patterning but also moves over to the tropics - maybe Aurora fancied a holiday this Summer?

12. Minimarket Brogues £190 - Brogues have made their return but this time they've got a new spin - brogue cut outs. These cut-out brogues would be a major investment because they're an upcoming and current fashion trend that's definitely going to explode! These would be the perfect shoe for Aurora, they're dainty and practical and, better still - combine all her favourite colours together!

13. Missguided Scuba Joggers in Floral Print £14.99 - Joggers/sweatpants, whatever you want to call them, they're now acceptable to wear on a day-to-day basis. Forget the days when sweatpants were solely either for gym days or 'lounging' around in, because those days are well and truly gone -  these floral prints are an example of that! The best thing about these joggers is the fact that although they are joggers, the busy floral print disguises that detail, making them look like loose fitted trousers. You could even wear these trousers out for a formal occasion if you paired them with high-heels and statement accessories. These trousers are a definite fashion statement - who thought I'd ever say that about joggers? Aurora would definitely love these trousers - every girl wants to be fashionable and comfy and these trousers allow just that!

So there you have it, Aurora's very own fashion inspired wish list! Ta-ta for now!
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  1. Congratulations- it sounds so exciting! I think my favourite Disney Princess (if you can class her as one) is Mulan because she is so strong and confident, but Aurora comes close second. I love your posts, you write so well! Thank you for making my day :)


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