Friday, 30 May 2014

Maleficent Designer Fashion

If I were Maleficent, gifted with powers no human can dream of possessing, the first thing I'd do would be to wave my fingers and in a snap have these clothes transported into my wardrobe. Materialistic and selfish though it may be, just imagine having a wardrobe full of quality designer clothes like these - every girl's dream I'm sure you'll agree. While the High Street is great for bargains and fantastic for those of us who have a normal income, the rare few get to purchase the big labels. Although some may argue that they're just labels, they couldn't be more wrong. High street clothes are to an extent mass produced. A designer label guarantees fantastic craftsmanship and quality clothes - every stitch and inch of fabric has been thought out. So, I did a little fantasising of my own and put together a collection of Designer items that reflect the Gothic, Maleficent style. Meanwhile I wept at my laptop screen as I collaged together beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories that I would never be able to afford..unless of course, I had a fairy godmother - any volunteers ?


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