Thursday, 8 May 2014


So, if you follow my twitter page (@iblogthefashion) you'll have noticed that casual and secretive tweet that I made weeks ago...if you don't follow my page, the tweet went a little something like this...'
  1. Working on some super exciting stuff at the moment, can't wait until I can tell you all! Keep watching this space!

Yes, at that moment I was dying to spill the beans but policies, contracts and all things legal prevented me, so that tweet was all you were going to get at the time..I can now reveal (hyper excitedly) that I have in fact been working on....*drum roll please* this!

No, I'm not Elle Fanning in my spare time, or Angelina Jolie for that matter and actually, I don't star in this film at all - BUT, I have been writing and blogging for the brand new Disney Maleficent site that was launched today! I was asked a few months back if I would be interested in writing for this Disney site and I can't quite express how excited and honoured I was even to be asked. I've been a Disney girl from the moment I popped into this world. My Disney collection of videos was where the obsession all began and since then the only thing that's changed is that the collection has grown and been replaced by DVDs (I mean it is the 21st Century). At 17 I still remain obsessed. At this current moment in time I have a Little Mermaid iPhone case, a Disney Princess Easter Egg, Tangled soundtrack playing on my phone and thoughts about how much I want Olaf to be my best friend. Therefore, it's no exaggeration to say that I was jumping over the rainbow of happiness when I was approached about writing for this cool and exciting new Maleficent website.

The site:

My first post was published today and the site which you can view at:

 I'll be writing on the site 2-3 times a week up until the film's release and just after. The site will be full of awesome content all related to the amazing new film - Maleficent, which I am just dying to see. As for I Blog The Fashion, I'll still be posting my normal content as usual but will also be uploading all the content that has been written by me onto this site for you all to read (but of course you can head on over to the Maleficent site where I and a handful of other bloggers will be posting a few days a week!). The content that I've created is all fashion and beauty based and is related to the film but also to our current S/S14 trends, so it will be the same sort of stuff that I post on here with a Disney twist! Hopefully you're just as excited about the site as I am and if you haven't already checked out the trailer for possibly one of the best films of 2014, watch it below! Trust me - you'll LOVE IT.



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