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Get The Look: Re-creating Aurora's Fairytale Makeup Looks


The name 'Aurora' means 'dawn'. I personally love the name Aurora because it suggests light, new beginnings and a sense of renaissance. Natural beauty is something some of us have been gifted with, I envy those who can wake up and sing Beyonce's lyrics - 'I woke up like this, we flawless' and look as fresh as a daisy as opposed to me looking like I've been attacked by a wild bear..But, I reckon these 'natural beauties' have got subtle bits of makeup splashed on their faces here and there - are any of us flawless except for Beyonce? 
Aurora's makeup is subtle in the original motion picture and in the brand new Maleficent film. Elle Fanning, playing Aurora, looks majestical and fairytale-like with her porcelain appearance created by her natural make-up. I've hunted high and low for the best makeup products that will re-create Aurora's light fairytale makeup look. 

1. Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick, Pink Parfait (Shimmer) £20 - Estée Lauder lipsticks are my all time favourites. They never disappoint. They have the perfect texture, finish and selection of colours. I am a true fan of lipsticks and if there's a makeup product that is my weakness - lipstick would be it. Elle Fanning's makeup in Maleficent is mainly natural and youthful but with a hint of colour here and there. Aurora's lips are tinted pink in the movie making her lips a feature of colour. This lipstick (being possibly one of the best ones available out there) in Pink Parfait is the perfect shade. It's a faded rose colour which is youthful and gives you the perfect hint of colour to achieve Aurora's natural beauty look.

2. Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body £20 - Shimmering powder is like a gift from the fairies. It makes me think of Peter Pan - 'All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust' - isn't that just the cutest quote? Well, I think so anyway. This Naked Shimmering Powder will give you subtle hints towards the world of magic. You won't be glittering from head to toe like some sort of mythical unicorn, but the hints of glitter will give you a pretty shine and twinkle. Shimmering powder can be used as a highlighter, popularly used below the brow line and along the cheek bones, but it can really be applied anywhere you please. The natural colouring of the shimmering powder also means that you will have a luminous effect and finish rather than a typical glittering look.

3. Laura Mercier Lip Glacé, Pink Pop £19.50 - This Lip Glacé would give your lips an alternative finish to that of the Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick. Pairing the two together would also give you a pink colour burst.

4. NARS Blush, Orgasm £22.50 - This staple blusher is the perfect shade for anyone who wants a natural pop of colour to awaken their face and liven up their skin, while keeping it natural and subtle to achieve the Aurora look. 

5. MAC A Fantasy Of Flowers: Green Mineralise Eyeshadow £17 - Even Aurora may want to liven up her makeup a little bit here and there. That's why when I came across MAC's Fantasy Of Flowers Green Mineralise Eyeshadow I knew it would be Aurora's dream come true, 'I dreamed of you once upon a dream' would be the words to come out of her mouth. The mineralise eyeshadows would be perfect not only for adding and blending colour on the lid of the eye, but also underneath the eye to create subtle and natural tones to achieve Aurora's makeup look. 

6. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact, Rose £32 - This Shimmer brick in Rose would be perfect to add colour along the cheekbones to complement the splash of colour in the Nars blusher and to add a shimmer to create the essence of fairytale. 

7. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Eau De Toilette £49.50 - A popular perfume amongst the masses for a reason - this is one of S/S's greatest scents. As I blog, I am currently wearing this exact perfume. Its floral undertones and the subtle sweetness and fresh quality of the perfume is what makes it such a success. The forest and naturalistic theme is captured, from the bottle decorated with a cluster of Spring flowers to the actual sweet smelling juice itself - this would be right up Aurora's street. 

8. Benefit Speed Brow Quick Set Brow Gel £13 - Every girl needs spick and span brows and although those fairy chums of Aurora's could sort them out, she may need to do a spot of DIY herself now and then. This Speed Brow Set will give you quick and magnificent results leaving your eyebrows defined and looking naturalistic (but tamed!).

And there you have it, my top picks to help re-create Aurora's fairytale light makeup looks! 


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  1. That Marc JAcobs perfume sounds like a trip. I'm always on the lookout for new fragrances, will deffo have to have a whiff when I'm next at a perfumery. Thanks for following me on Bloglovin. Let's get connected on GFC too? xx


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