Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Maleficent V.S. Aurora Fashion

You should all know the tale by now, or at least know the battle of good versus evil. Yes, they may compete with spells and enchantments but they also dress to impress. Who am I talking about? Maleficent and Aurora of course. Fashion can portray a message and if you craft your outfit carefully you can create just the message that you want. I decided to collage together a Maleficent VS Aurora fashion face-off, so you can see how two opposites can channel the same looks. 

Maleficent Fashion 
 Gothic, dark and powerful. Maleficent inspired items send a message of warning - black and shadowy, Maleficent is the essence of S/S14 Gothic. 


Aurora Fashion 
    Fairytale, girly and the complete polar opposite of Maleficent, Aurora channels a message of youth and innocence. Also super classy and chic, this girl is in control. 

Ps: Today I am finally going to see the film that I have been blogging and obsessing over for months (obviously I am talking about Maleficent!). I will be blogging about it the second that I return home to share my thoughts - I'm 100% sure that I am going to love it. Have you seen Maleficent yet? Leave a comment below if you've seen/are going to see the film soon!


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