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S/S14 Maleficent Inspired Evening Wear

Maleficent, like every other dark and menacing creature, thrives in the evening. The darkness suits black thoughts and personalities. Although we can't all possess the dark crafts like Maleficent, we can all look good like Miss Jolie (a.k.a Angelina Jolie playing Maleficent, just in case you hadn't cottoned on already..). I've searched the High Street for the best Gothic evening wear out there. Maleficent would resist transforming into the powerful dragon-creature, just so she could wear these killer outfits (they don't do dragon sizes..sorry Maleficent..). 

1. Missguided Virag Mock Croc Patent Platform Heels £39.99 - Unfortunately they don't do shoes in Dragon print so Maleficent will have to settle for a good ol' Croc Patent Platform. I love this shoe because it's powerful and edgy and its Platform will have you soaring high in the sky just like Maleficent when she grows those wings. Perfect for evening wear or night-wear, these Patent Platform heels are the ultimate evening statement. Pair them with a cute, semi-casual skater dress and you'll have the perfect evening ensemble suitable for any evening occasion!

2. ASOS Mini Skirt in Fairsile with PU Trim £10.50 -  This Mini Skirt is a sale bargain that you're not going to want to miss! The embellishment adds a perfect element of Gothic glamour and magical essence!

3. Topshop Black Square Lace Dress £32 - This Black Square Lace Dress brings an strong sense of evening Gothic with its head-to-toe lace detailing. Lace gives this dress a sense of the darker, mystical fashion fantasy that is the Gothic trend. Alluring and delicate, lace is what primarily gives this dress that menacing Maleficent quality and eludes to the darker side of both fashion and persona. 

4. Topshop Scallop Shorts by Kate Moss £46 The Kate Moss Topshop collection has some perfect Maleficent-inspired Gothic glamour items. These Scallop Shorts are perfect for a more casual evening outfit but with their tailored Scallop structuring, they won't leave you looking like you've just thrown on a pair of thoughtless shorts! They are delicate and smart for evening or daytime, but pair them with some statement accessorising and killer heels and you've got yourself a power outfit! 

5. Topshop Embellished Star Cami Top by Kate Moss £75 - Another of the items from the Kate Moss Topshop collection that I've been loving is this Embellished Star Cami Top. Keeping it dark with the midnight black background, the embellished stars on this Cami Top give this Gothic outfit a hint of the fairytale, but also the inner magic of Maleficent. Perfect for either daytime or evening wear, this Cami could be a daytime statement or a night time gem as you sparkle in the darkness! 

6. River Island Black Brushed Lace Skater Dress £15 - I love this Lace Skater Dress and it's an example of how Gothic can be fun and flirty while keeping it primarily dark and menacing. The head-to-toe black colour creates the obvious Gothic element, but flowery silhouettes are tattooed onto the outfit, with the subtle addition of the lace panelling on the arms. The S/S14 floral trend is also key in this Gothic ensemble, alluding to the fairytale forest seen in 'Maleficent'. 

7. Topshop Satin Playsuit by Kate Moss £75 -  This is probably the most Maleficent-inspired outfit that I chose and I literally adore it. Why? Well, if you squint you can basically see Maleficent! The chest panelling detail resembles Maleficent's striking 'antler' type headpiece and the way that the rest of the Playsuit drapes down with the waist-tie detailing, also gives you the essential sense of movement and fluidity that Maleficent has. This playsuit is also super versatile and like all great evening outfits could even be a perfect daytime outfit. Dress this playsuit up with a statement clutch and Maleficent-style makeup - opting for a full red lip and striking nude nails - you'll turn heads all evening and make an entrance just like Maleficent had planned! 

8. Missguided Leigh Laser Cut Detail Sandals £29.99 - Don't you just love these heels? Well, I do and how could you not? The Laser Cut Detail in these Sandals reminds me of the outlines of the fairytale forest as it gets darker and more menacing when evening creeps in. The detailing is like the natural spells that the evening casts - trees cast their own shadows, creating silhouettes that look just like the Laser Cut Detail. 

9. Topshop Sofia Maxi Dress by TFNC £60 - This Topshop Maxi Dress is perfect for the more formal occasions that Maleficent might be making an appearance in. The length of the dress reflects most of Maleficent's outfits that drape and trail after her, leaving a path of evil behind her as she glides. This Maxi Dress is certain to create a glimpse of movement with every step and its touches of lace detailing and head-to-toe black, will give your outfit that Maleficent-inspired Gothic element. 

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