Tuesday, 30 September 2014

California Style Inspiration

I mentioned way back in January that I was aiming to save up my pennies for my California trip in October. Back in January, October seemed like a life time away - I felt like I had years to accumulate the pennies, however, I couldn't have been more wrong. In fact, my current bank balance and spending money for my insane Cali expedition is a whopping $0.00...well done, Holly, well done. I've got about a month to go until I'm jetting off to the States so my goal is to try and spend absolutely nothing over this next month. Dear friends, if you ask me to go out to Nandos - don't, I will say no -Cali is more important than chicken right now. I can't wait to fly high up in the sky, and travel thousands of miles away to a place that seems absolutely incredible and so different from over here in the UK. Everything about the place appeals to me, the excitement, buzz, weather, beaches and most importantly, style. California girls (and guys, I'm sure) are renowned fashionistas. I was talking to one of my friends recently who had flown over to California a year-or so ago and she said that walking down the street, it seemed like everyone looked famous. So, the pressure's on to get myself looking stylish and fashion-forward. Naturally, a little bit of research is needed. I want to look California-esque as I walk their streets instead of the British cobbled pavements. So, I've hunted down my favourite pictures of stylish Cali girls and put them together for this blog post - 'California Style Inspiration'. Initially this was going to be something personal that I would use to inspire a few of my holiday outfits, but I thought that I would share it with you all to give you some American/Cali inspiration too!

                         photo source: pinterest

I love the way that California style combines the grungy, rocky and casual styles all in one outfit. With every unique Cali girl style there will be an undertone of this combination. Ultimately Californian style seems to be the definition of 'effortless chic'. Often labelled as 'hipsters', 'chic' and 'beach girls', their styles vary just like in any other City, but there's one thing that these girls have in common - style. 

Liked this post? Look out for my Cali style inspired outfit ideas post coming very soon! 


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